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25 Estate Planning Forms: Legal Self-Help Guide characters ↠ 0 Intended primarily for use by non lawyers who want to create their own estate planning documents This includes a Last Will and Testament commonly what you would think of as a Will Living Trust single or married couples and various types of Powers of Attorney forms including financial and healthcare Does this book just contain legal estate planning forms or are there explanations that are accompanied with these forms There are no explanations in this book just the estate planning forms themselves We try to make it easy by the books title If you know which documents you want to create and enter into or you are looking to make updates to your existing estate planning documents then this book may be able to meet your needs This book is designed for you to create the documents uickly and efficiently If you are looking for explanations then this book may not meet all of your needs We have other titles that can provide you with expl.

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25 Estate Planning Forms: Legal Self-Help Guide characters ↠ 0 Anations such as Estate Planning in Plain EnglishThe forms in this book are not intended to meet the needs of people with complex needs Most of us don t have a really complicated estates For us this book may meet our needs You don t have to go around hunting for common estate planning forms that may not meet your needs or worse that may be incorrectThis book is practical and with no nonsenseEstate planning can be done without a lawyer if you have the right information and the right forms Estate Planning Forms provides you with easy to use forms that you can follow and make legal No matter the size of your estate an estate plan may help reduce your estate s taxes reduce conflict among family members and provide you with the peace of mind of knowing your final arrangements have been planned For many people they already know how they want to distribute their estate but don t have the necessary forms to make it legal This book ca.

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25 Estate Planning Forms: Legal Self-Help Guide characters ↠ 0 N help It includes sample forms that you can understand because they are written in plain English Often people havediverse needs than they may have initially thought Having a variety of forms can help you figure out what your final wishes are and how those wishes may be accomplished No CDs No Confusing Online Application Forms No Monthly Or Hourly FeesSave Time Save Money Make It LegalAt Peerless Legal we believe the law is only useful when people have the tools they need to understand their rights Join us on our uest to make the law usable and accessible to anyone Peerless Legal was founded with uality in mind All of our products are created by a licensed attorney who believes in our mission to empower individuals by giving them the legal self help tools to access legal information make decisions and engage the system You can take part by turning information into actionsExpress Your rightsLearnand get updates at PeerlessLega.

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