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  • Big Data Analytics
  • Venkat Ankam
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  • 08 August 2020
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Summary Big Data Analytics

Read ç Big Data Analytics Key FeaturesThis book is based on the latest version of Apache Spark and version of Hadoop integrated with most commonly used toolsLearn all Spark stack components including latest topics such as DataFrames DataSets GraphFrames Structured Streaming DataFrame based ML Pipelines and SparkRIntegrations with frameworks such as HDFS YARN and tools such as Jupyter Zeppelin NiFi Mahout HBase Spark Connector GraphFrames HO and HivemallBook DescriptionBig Data Analytics book aims at providing the fundamentals of Apache Spark and Hadoop All Spark components Spark Core Spark SL DataFrames Data sets Conventional Streaming Structured Streaming MLlib Graphx and Hadoop core components HDFS MapReduce and Yarn are explored in greater depth with implementation examples on Spark Hadoop clustersIt is moving away from MapReduce to Spark So advantages of Spark over MapReduce are explained at great depth to reap benefits of in memory speeds DataFrames API Data Sources API and new Data set API are explained for building Big Data analytical applications Real time data analytics using Spark Streaming with Apache Kafk.

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Read ç Big Data Analytics A and HBase is covered to help building streaming applications New Structured streaming concept is explained with an IOT Internet of Things use case Machine learning techniues are covered using MLLib ML Pipelines and SparkR and Graph Analytics are covered with GraphX and GraphFrames components of SparkReaders will also get an opportunity to get started with web based notebooks such as Jupyter Apache Zeppelin and data flow tool Apache NiFi to analyze and visualize dataWhat you will learnFind out and implement the tools and techniues of big data analytics using Spark on Hadoop clusters with wide variety of tools used with Spark and HadoopUnderstand all the Hadoop and Spark ecosystem componentsGet to know all the Spark components Spark Core Spark SL DataFrames DataSets Conventional and Structured Streaming MLLib ML Pipelines and GraphxSee batch and real time data analytics using Spark Core Spark SL and Conventional and Structured StreamingGet to grips with data science and machine learning using MLLib ML Pipelines HO Hivemall Graphx SparkR and HivemallAbout the AuthorVenkat Ankam has over years.

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Read ç Big Data Analytics Of IT experience and over years in big data technologies working with customers to design and develop scalable big data applications Having worked with multiple clients globally he has tremendous experience in big data analytics using Hadoop and SparkHe is a Cloudera Certified Hadoop Developer and Administrator and also a Databricks Certified Spark Developer He is the founder and presenter of a few Hadoop and Spark meetup groups globally and loves to share knowledge with the communityVenkat has delivered hundreds of trainings presentations and white papers in the big data sphere While this is his first attempt at writing a book manybooks are in the pipelineTable of ContentsBig Data Analytics at foot viewGetting Started with Apache Hadoop and Apache SparkDeep Dive into Apache SparkBig Data Analytics with Spark SL DataFrames and DatasetsReal Time Analytics with Spark Streaming and Structured StreamingNotebooks and Dataflows with Spark and HadoopMachine Learning with Spark and HadoopBuilding Recommendation Systems with Spark and MahoutGraph Analytics with GraphXInteractive Analytics with Spark.