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  • 25 April 2020
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Marjorie Farrell ó 9 Summary

Free read ¶ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ó Marjorie Farrell Marjorie Farrell ó 9 Summary Free download Red Red Rose Er courts the young lady he is haunted by his status as a bastard son to the Earl of Farringdon and considers himself unworthy of her affections When his half brother dies he is o. This is a very well written story with complexity and depth of characters The relationships between all the characters are well developed This is not strictly a romance in that it involves warfare struggles between social classes unconventional lifestyles espionage and intrigue The prologue examines an all boys school where a few of the older students all aristocratic sons molest some of the younger boys This is where the main character Valentine Aston the illegitimate son of Charles Faringdon the Earl of Faringdon comes to the rescue of a younger boy who has been abused by Lord Stanton While it is a disturbing topic the author deals with it in a forthright manner rather than using graphic or inappropriate language Val gives Stanton a severe beating and is sent down from school because of it Rather than turning to his father he enlists with the army and is sent off at the age of 16 Val keeps in touch with his younger half brother through letters over the years and sees him only on a few occasions The total acceptance by Charlie of his older half brother causes them to forge a close bond Later they are reunited in Portugal as Charlie is now also in the military They spend time together and draw even closer At one point before a battle Charlie gives Val his ring the crest of Faringdon for safekeeping Charles makes Val promise to return the ring to their father personally if anything should happen to him Unfortunately Val must keep that promise In the meantime Val s friendship with Elspeth Gordon daughter of Major Ian Gordon continues developing After Charlie s death it becomes and he offers marriage due to the circumstances While they both love each other it is not declared openly and their marriage begins with a sense of companionship and close friendship As the story unfolds we see the tough decisions that Val must make between friendship especially as it pertains to the Maruess of Wimborne James Lambert who treated Val as an eual during their school days and duty to country when a traitor is discovered There are interesting and humorous secondary characters that add to the plot like Mags Chase and Will Tallman as well as Juan Sanchez and Jack Belden This cannot be classified as a clean romance as it does contain scenes of intimacy but again the author does not graphically describe anything in a titillating fashion so neither is it erotica She handles things in a realistic manner and doesn t dwell too long on the few scenes described Overall this is a well told complex story with real heft to the characters and plot It is not a fluffy romance with stereotypical characters where everything is wrapped up neatly by novel s end Having said that this is a very satisfying read where things do work out in the end but not as you may expect This is a solid 4 12 stars

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Free read ¶ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ó Marjorie Farrell Marjorie Farrell ó 9 Summary Free download Red Red Rose Vercome with grief and allows himself to find solace in her arms Will her love inspire the necessary courage within him to claim his birthright and his place among the aristocracy. I have been on a historical romance kick recently and this book was a nice and pleasant read Overall I really enjoyed this book and how the narrative is mainly from the hero s perspective The characters were nicely developed and there was sufficient variety of personalities and attraction between the main characters to keep me entertained The only reason why I did not give this book 5 stars was because there were certain points where something happened and was already described in sufficient detail but the same happening was described several times in conversations between the characters I found this a bit repetitive and skimmed through those instances I would however highly recommend this book because it was total feel good and inspiring read

Free read ¶ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ó Marjorie Farrell

Free read ¶ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ó Marjorie Farrell Marjorie Farrell ó 9 Summary Free download Red Red Rose In Regency England the unconventional daughter of a army major finds herself rescued from roving bandits by a dashing officer from General Wellington's staff But even as the offic. I first got this book because I heard it was set in Portugal and one can t actually resist a book set in our own country now can weI am glad to say I did not find any errors in what concerns the usage of the setting Farrell mostly sticks to mentioning the sites of the most famous battles and it was probably the best course of action Regarding the story itself I did like it very muchIt had original strong characters in both the hero and the heroine The hero is Valentine Aston as a young boy he discovered he was the bastard so of an Earl and even if his half brother later rescued him from a life of hard work and abuse he can never forgive his father for what he believes he has done his mother He also doesn t feel worthy of being the gentleman his brother wants him to be and ends up running away to the army at an early ageThe heroine is Elspeth Gordon a major s daughter who has been following the drum with her mother Now they are in Portugal and they meet when her coach is under attack and Val rescues her They have to spend some nights on the road and while Val as a gentleman feels like he should offer for her he also believes he is unworthy to do so because he is a bastardFortunately Elspeth s family is as sensible as original and they just make him a part of the group of friends they freuently invite to dinner This allows Elspeth and Val to get to know each other better and they soon fall for each other However it will take extraordinary circumstances to bring them together and for Val to accept his birthrightAlso central to the plot is a mystery about who maybe selling intelligence to the French and why and I thought that added even interest to the romanceGrade 45