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Summary ☆ Auroras Consort S and murderous intent Status In progressIncompleteLast update 06142010Word count approx 5115. The story itself is unfinished and given the date on the last update unlikely to be so Truly I think the best ending was to rescue him and leave the rest for a seuel I think the story suffered from a lack of knowledge of how some things work and an uncertainty of how to finish the storyIt s worth a read though be wary that it just stops abruptly If she ever publishes I will definitely pick it up again

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Summary ☆ Auroras Consort Devin has his life mapped out and goals set He wants to help others and be a good role model.

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Summary ☆ Auroras Consort What happens when he is proclaimed the Consort of the new King of Aurora a world full of mage. Mehit s alright Better than most freebies but still lacking romance Most of the story is driven by the fantasy plot rather than the romance Actually the only romance present were sex reallythe emotional part is lacking and oh yesthe main characters sound like little 16 year old girlstoo whinywaytoo whiny and emotional