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  • Spiritual Protection
  • Sophie Reicher
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  • 05 June 2020
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Spiritual Protection Read & Download Õ 104 Spiritual Protection A Safety Manual for Energy Workers Psychics and Healers is a training handbook for anyone interested in deepening their psychic abilities training gifts already in evidence or simply developing a greater sens. I m not so sure I would recommend this book As it seems geared toward those with what the author calls ruthless focus which she claims energy workers do not tend haveOne aspect that I took issue with was her suggestion that one allow a psychic vampire to access their energy field if they are having trouble grounding allowing the psi vamp to suck up their excess energy Whoa buddy Don t get me wrong I know some energy vampires and while they don t always mean harm I have spent much of my life learning to stop just that While I do understand the method to the madness it s not something I would do I heard you re bleeding uncontrollably Well you should let a vampire in to your house to drink the excess blood Yeah sure they ll help with the clean up but what type of connection have your forged If a person cannot ground themselves they re in for a bigger shock after allowing a psi vamp to access their energy fieldThis likely comes from the authors self proclaimed arrogance pg 49 what I perceived as a thinly veiled dislike toward new agers Ms Reicher repeats herself nearly word for word in some areas of the book so if you intend to read it front to back be prepared for thatAnd for anyone interested the chakra above the head she mentioned is often referred to as the soul star chakraPositive The book does hold a few hidden gems of enlightenment such as recipes for detox baths shielding exercises basic grounding techniues

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Spiritual Protection Read & Download Õ 104 Focusing on oft neglected fundamentals Reicher cuts through the complexity and confusion so often surrounding this topic and instead offers clear instructions and explanations that even the most novice of readers can easily follo. Really wish I had this book when I was working as a therapist in a hospice The final third of the book about ceremonial magic wasn t as relevant as I m not a ceremonial magician and have yet to meet one who wasn t totally ego tripping I wish the fiitnotes were just integrated with the main text

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Spiritual Protection Read & Download Õ 104 Itivity to energyThis no nonsense book with its special emphasis on safety protection and energetic awareness takes readers step by step through a thorough system of exercises designed to increase competence confidence and skill. This book has a lot of helpful information in it pertaining to magical defenses I like that the author emphasizes mastering the basics instead of jumping around willy nilly The author uses some citations and references Numbers are used within the chapters and explained in the back of the book making it difficult to go back and forth The author recognizes their beliefs and talks about how these beliefs work with some of the techniues and what not in the book It is refreshing to see an author who is not Neo Wiccan in their beliefs explain ideas and practices And even though the author is of a particular religion I didn t feel like I was pressured into believing the same the same or that I was wrong for not worshiping their deities I do worry about cultural appropriation with this book Even if the author was taught by a closed culture the author provides some information pertaining to what was taught such as techniues and I don t want other readers to think it is okay for them to just use these particular techniuesOtherwise I thought the book was pretty good I am working with some of the techniues provided and I feel good about them