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  • Love in a Cold Climate
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  • 12 July 2019
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Summary Love in a Cold Climate Nancy Mitford Á 4 Read Read & Download Love in a Cold Climate 104 Love in a Cold Climate is the seuel to Nancy Mitford's bestselling novel The Pursuit of L. I find Nancy Mitford such an underrated writer is it that she s been pigeon holed as one of the notorious Mitford sisters It s unfair since at her best she has that sense of combined comedy and tragedy that Waugh demonstrates in say A Handful Of Dust and the story of cold but beautiful Polly shows that Mitford can do depth without sacrificing her signature frothy sense of fun and attention to fashion details If The Pursuit of Love deconstructed cultural myths of romantic love then this book goes even further view spoilerPolly along with the Radlett girls and Fanny is the object of Boy s lecherous attentions when too young but rather than finding him creepy he is she falls in love with him in a kind of Stockholm Syndrome way There s so much to unpack about this whole relationship predatory paedophile behaviour MeToo and the way it s all covered over because the perpetrator is socially elite and privileged hide spoiler

Summary Love in a Cold ClimateLove in a Cold Climate

Summary Love in a Cold Climate Nancy Mitford Á 4 Read Read & Download Love in a Cold Climate 104 From the aristocratic social scene of which she was a part between the warsThis edition. I finished this and cast my eye over other reviews always eager to know what people think And I was struck by the number of friends who felt the book was utterly ruined by the light hearted depiction of pedophilia Now I really don t want to get into a silly AkShUlY iTs hEbEpHiLiA debate But it seemed strange to me that Boy Dougdale s lecherous behaviour toward teenage girls should be viewed as unmentionably evilI thought every social circle had at least one lechy old man who is ultimately harmless but who gives overblown compliments to girls hugs that are slightly too long sloppy kisses uninvited shoulder massages and the insistence that you call him Uncle whatever your relationship Yeah it s gross and inappropriate but our reaction as girls was pretty much the same as the Radlett girls we laughed at him called him names behind his back and were certainly never afraid of him or afraid that his minor gropes might turn into something serious In fact we viewed him as a ridiculous old man very much an appropriate subject for comedyDid I misread the book Was Mitford too subtle for me Does Boy Dougdale actually do than slimy groping Because it s made very clear that Polly is not his victim at the age of 20 she s the instigator of their marriage and he s the reluctant swain who never dreamed that if he patted a girl s bum at 14 she might drag him up the aisle 7 years later Isn t that funny or am I just evil

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Summary Love in a Cold Climate Nancy Mitford Á 4 Read Read & Download Love in a Cold Climate 104 OveNancy Mitford produced witty satirical novels with a cast of characters taken directly. 710In the introduction to the novel Alan Cummings remarks on the fascination exercited by Nancy Mitford writing as she is throwing open the door at the zoo and letting us watch the animals She is an insider in the exclusive circles of Britain s high society she knows all the dirty little secrets and she has the wit the talent to make us laugh out loud at their antics What attracted me most though about her first book in this Radlett Montdore setting is the human frailty and the limitations that belonging to this privileged class also imply like the lack of prospects for girls who are denied a higher education and whose only purpose in life is to acuire a husband and to be decorative Girls of her age living at home are hardly ever happy and Polly is a specially bad case because she has nothing whatever to do she doesn t care for hunting or parties or anything much that I can see and she doesn t get on with her mother It s true that Sonia teases and lectures her and sets about it all the wrong way she s a tactless person but she is perfectly right you know Polly needs a life of her own babies occupations and interests an establishment in fact and for all that she must have a husband Polly Montdore comes from Leopoldina an early illustration of her mother s royal ambitions is not in the same class as the serial faller in love Linda Radlett She is the most beautiful heiress of her generation yet she apparently has little interest in dancing the social fandango As readers we don t get into her head to see what really drives her what her dreams and expectations are until rather late in the novel The narrator is the same level headed and enchanting Fanny daughter of two wandering socialites who abandoned her as a child to be raised like a cuckoo by relatives She ends up not surprisingly choosing stability and a uiet household over adventures and melodramatic liaisons but she is a uick witted witness to all the events surrounding Polly s romantic life that are at the core of the present novel As an minor bother I was getting warmed up towards Polly as she started to show signs of independence from her overbearing mother when the author dropped her and started to focus almost exclusively on said mother Lady Montdore is another great example of Mitford bufoons who hide a tragic alienation Love indeed whoever invented love ought to be shot exclaims the Dame as she finds out that Fanny intends to marry an Oxford don instead of an aristocratic ninny For her diamonds and social status are important than feelings probably the reason she has driven her daughter Polly away Lady Montdore lives in bubble of self obsession collecting deposed royalty clueless about real life and social issues of her times But she is fun to watch especially after she meets Cedric the cousinheir from the colonies My favorite scene is Lady Montdore getting into a huff with Fanny about literary talents She remembered to ask for Mrs Dalloway before leaving and went off with the book in her hand a first edition I felt sure that I had seen the last of it but she brought it back the following week saying that she really must write a book herself as she knew she could do much better than that My least favorite scene of her illustrates her total lack of empathy and her callous nature view spoiler Polly has a miscarriage and her mother tells her it is better that the poor child died at birth then goes on to talk about the grandiose masked ball she gave in London hide spoiler