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Summary The King's Pleasure 109 characters The King's Pleasure Er sister's unfortunate reputation Unlike Mary Anne refuses to become even a King's mistressSo when Anne returns to the English court of Henry VIII it is the King who is led a dance by this mysterious y. This was the book that got me interested in the Tudors was back in the early 90s Who knows what Twilight esue literary phenoms were raging through my high school at the time but I was gobbling up Plaidy by the armfulI have no idea if I would like this book now as I ve found Plaidy to be a bit dry in recent years but this book had me turning the pages frantically to find out what happened to both Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard So I ll simply keep it on the memory shelf where so many books should remain

characters The King's Pleasure

The King's Pleasure

Summary The King's Pleasure 109 characters The King's Pleasure Oung beauty Before long Henry is lured away from his stale marriage to Katharine of Aragon But the new ueen Anne is not loved by the people and it is only a matter of time before Henry's patience runs o. Review I didn t like this one as much as The King s Great Matter because I felt that the story was far too abbreviated and there wasn t enough detail in either story It would have been better to look at Anne Boleyn s story in one book and Katherine Howard s in another so that their stories could be fully explored and explained I felt this was a major flaw but that what was written was well written and interesting if abbreviated I thought that neither character came across as entirely 3D because I think in this novel Plaidy overreached herself in trying to cover so much territory in so little words Katherine came across as a petulant and selfish child while Anne was an ambitious and power hungry woman but I think there was to them than thisGenre Historical Romance DramaCharacters Anne Boleyn Katherine Howard Henry VIII Jane Seymour Anne of Cleves George Boleyn Thomas Boleyn Henry Norris Mark Smeaton Thomas Cromwell Thomas Culpeper Francis Dereham Henry MannoxSetting London EnglandSeries Tudor 5Recommend MaybeRating 1420

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Summary The King's Pleasure 109 characters The King's Pleasure At the decadent French court of King François the young Anne Boleyn grows into an enigmatic and striking woman a temptation to many courtiers But whilst Anne's ambitions are high she has learned from h. I realize that Plaidy takes creative license with most of her books but this one was really not correct historically I rated it to low because I ve read so much about the great ueen Anne that I just shook my head too muchThe other beheaded ueen and Anne s cousin is discussed in this book too and I m not sure that age wise that s even possible I m uestioning the timeline I don t think the ages are right