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  • Deceptions
  • Lauren Maddison
  • English
  • 24 March 2020
  • 9781555834906

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Summary Deceptions Deceptions Summary é 8 Lauren Maddison ↠ 8 Free read Treachery some of which lies in Connor's own past to save their lives and prevent the discovery of a powerful secret someone is willing to kill for Expertly weaving diverse elements of political intrigue mystery and Native American folklore Lauren Maddison has crafted a tense riveting thriller while exploring ancient mysteries and secrets. I have mixed thoughts about this book It was a good mystery and there were several things I never would have anticipated However it took me forever to read this book It was slow reading and the author s style of writing was almost formal I am intriued by the title and description of book 2 which is part of what kept me reading book 1

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Summary Deceptions Deceptions Summary é 8 Lauren Maddison ↠ 8 Free read Stery is solved almost too easily she vows to put the experience behind her and rebuild her life But someone is determined to make sure she doesn't While vacationing in the Southwest Connor finds herself running for her life across the high desert aided by a beautiful Navajo guide As the murderer draws closer they must unravel the web of. The author is way too busy moralizing to ever hope to develop a decent story Her attempt to show her main characterherself to be absolutely free from any shred of bigotry she manages to cover homosexuals Jews Blacks republicans Native Americans and a few others except Catholics they remain on the no fly list apparently makes the whole book childish She did manage to sueeze in a murder or two along the way but gosh I just cannot adeuately describe how horrible this novel is

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Summary Deceptions Deceptions Summary é 8 Lauren Maddison ↠ 8 Free read On the muddy banks of Washington DC's CO Canal a beautiful supermodel is murdered unleashing a wave of terror that reaches to the highest levels of power Devastated by the death of her longtime lover Connor Hawthorne a best selling mystery novelist and former district attorney is determined to bring her murderer to justice Yet when the my. I picked this book and its seuel Witchfire up while I was on holiday and was pleased to have done so at least until I came to try and read this first book featuring novellist Connor HawthorneSet partly in Washington and partly in New Mexico Deceptions begins with the murder of Connor s former lover an Italian model When Connor who used to be a district attorney starts to probe a little deeper into Elena s life she discovers that her lover was unfaithful to her and that there s also a possible link between Elena s murder and her father who works for a shadowy government agency The first third of the book focusses on that before Connor goes off to Albuuerue for a writer s conference and finds herself on the run with Laura Nez her Navajo driverbodyguardEssentially I found myself tolerating the Washington based part of the book in the hope the story would improve particularly since I found Connor decidedly unsympathetic to say the least Initially when the action moved to New Mexico things were uite promising and then Connor started to annoy me again I couldn t bring myself to continue much past halfway so I have no idea how Deceptions works out or indeed any interest in picking up Witchfire to find out what happens next even with the potential lure of American writer writing about England when someall of that book is set in Glastonbury