The Love of a Stranger E–pub Free

  • Paperback
  • 352
  • The Love of a Stranger
  • Anna Jeffrey
  • English
  • 10 October 2018
  • 9780451411365

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REVIEW The Love of a Stranger READ & DOWNLOAD ↠ The Love of a Stranger Anna Jeffrey ´ 1 READ & DOWNLOAD Perty Brokenhearted by the loss of her family she wants to be left alone in her beloved cabin on Wolf Mountain But when Doug proves to be her only ally in a fight with a local logger Alex doesn't know what she fears the loss of her land or the loss of her hear A humorous and good story

REVIEW The Love of a Stranger

The Love of a Stranger

REVIEW The Love of a Stranger READ & DOWNLOAD ↠ The Love of a Stranger Anna Jeffrey ´ 1 READ & DOWNLOAD Ill advised dalliance is over before it started And he is so intrigued by hot blooded Alex McGregor he begins a one sided flirtation with a single goal in mind to get under her skinAlex doesn't take kindly to strangers especially those who trespass on her pro I m tempted to rate this lower but since I finished it I won t I really didn t like Alex I know bad sht happened to her but that s no excuse for being such a btch If she wasn t being rude or nasty she was wallowing Gah She got on my nerves SO muchAnd Doug Sigh While I kinda liked him I found his character a bit unbelievable at times Considering how terribly Alex treated him he was either a glutton for punishment or a stalker Seriously I know some people use aggressively rude behavior to push others away in order to protect their emotional well being and the idea of breaking through someone s defenses and reaching the soft gooey center can seem romantic but ignoring MULTIPLE instances of being told to go away or leave me alone can easily cross into criminal territory I kept shaking my head thinking dude she s not worth it stop trying But I guess that s supposed to be the romantic part he wouldn t take no for an answerI know we re supposed to feel sorry for Alex perhaps see her as a tragic romantic figure or a scarred by life btch with a heart of gold but it just didn t work for me Bad sht happens Even to good people Maybe even especially to good people Your hardships troubles and tragedies don t give you license to treat others badlyOh And they didn t even so much as kiss until the very middle of the story If I had been rooting for them as a couple or even liked Alex perhaps I wouldn t have minded But I wasn t and I didn t


REVIEW The Love of a Stranger READ & DOWNLOAD ↠ The Love of a Stranger Anna Jeffrey ´ 1 READ & DOWNLOAD Now she returns to the dusty town of Callister Idaho where a peaceful exterior hides the wildest passionsA belligerent blonde swinging a tire iron is the last thing Doug Hawkins expects during a romantic rendezvous with another woman Deep down Doug is glad his First time I have read a book by this author Anna Jeffrey There was sure a lot of activity and events going on in this storyline and kept my mind hopping and along with my heart Alex MacGregor was sure a puzzle and seems Doug Hawkins didn t mind taking the time to put together but kept me guessing would he find the right piecesWhat a great small town of Callister Idaho Seemed like two lives Alex was trying to survive inKenny the logger was a jerk and greedy in mind and had me on edge since meeting him Recommend this book normally I don t read books with this much suspense for me had me putting it down a couple of times sitting on the edge of my chair it was romantic challenge for Alex Doug and their friend Ted Doug s old childhood friend