Your House Will Pay (Read)

  • Hardcover
  • 304
  • Your House Will Pay
  • Steph Cha
  • English
  • 09 October 2020
  • 9780062868855

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Your House Will Pay review ¹ 104 Shooting is bringing up painful memories Plus his cousin Ray is just released from prison and needs to reconnect with their family after so many years away While Shawn is trying his best to keep his demons at bay he’s not sure Ray can do the sameWhen another shocking crime hits LA the Parks and the Matthewses collide in ways they never could have expected After decades of loss violence and injustice tensions come to a head and force a reckoning that could clear the air or lead to violenc. This is an ambitious book It s trying to tell a very specific story tied deeply to a particular place and time exploring the repercussions of an often forgotten set of racial tension between Black and Korean people in Los Angeles As Cha notes the specifics are often lost in the larger story of Rodney King and the Watts riots While it s very specific it will also feel relevant to anyone living in the US right now a time of protests and memorials and repeated unspeakable lossesWe see this story through two sets of eyes Shawn grew up in the worst of it and got caught up in gangs and violence but he s found his way through and settled in to a kind of stable adulthood supporting his cousin s family while he s in prison Shawn s sister Ava was gunned down as a teenager before there was a Black Lives Matter movement and he still feels the loss Grace is the dutiful daughter of Korean immigrants working in her parents pharmacy moving aimlessly through her late 20 s reading terrible stories in the news and feeling bad but detached Shawn and Grace are connected without realizing it but as the story unfolds they will find old secrets coming back to lightI think Cha builds a really interesting and current story with lots of layers to peel through But I think she paints herself into a corner somewhat I was dissatisfied with the ending even though I understand the logic behind it It feels like the present where we still don t know where things go from here but it felt off to me I think Grace gets a little too much of this story too She is called out for her often self centered approach to the events of the book than once but she also gets to have eual billing in the narrative and I can t help but think that giving her less of it would make the book a little balanced This isn t an escapist book it feels an awful lot like reading the news but I think Cha has captured a lot of the anxiety and concern of this moment incredibly well definitely the strongest element of the book

Summary Your House Will PayYour House Will Pay

Your House Will Pay review ¹ 104 H her Korean immigrant parents working at the family pharmacy and trying her best to understand why her sister Miriam hasn’t spoken to their mother in years The chasm in her family is growing wider by the day and Grace is desperate for reconciliation and frustrated by the feeling that her sister and parents are shielding her from the true cause of the falling outShawn Matthews is dealing with a fractured family of his own His sister Ava was murdered as a teenager back in 1991 and this new. UNDERRATED BOOK ALERTOh shoot Wow This book packs a punchI highly recommend the audiobook It s chef s kiss Set in LA this novel examines racial tensions grief and absolution through the lens of two families tied together by a decades old crimeOur protagonists Grace Park and Shawn Matthews aren t even aware of their connection to one another until after Grace s mother is shot outside of the family owned pharmacyAs Grace tries to grapple with why anyone would target her mother she discovers a long buried family secretThrough this discovery she learns why her sister Miriam hasn t spoken to their mother in almost two years Grace doesn t know how to react or how to deal with the fact that her mother isn t who she thoughtFollowing a police shooting of a black teenager as well as the recent release of his cousin Ray from prison Shawn Matthews experiences a lot of painful memories coming to the surfaceIn the early 90s when Shawn was a kid his beloved sister Ava was shot After the beating of Rodney King by LA police officers the city was in turmoil Ava s death occurred during that intense time periodI m trying to be very careful with what I write here I don t want to spoil a single thing for anyone who may want to read thisI thought the choices Cha made in the format of this story were incredible It is so well done I became engaged extremely uickly the characters definitely draw you in and keep you wanting to know I thought it was cleverly plotted alternating between the past and present timelines as well as between Park and MatthewsWhile the historical aspects demonstrate that not much has changed we are still fighting the same fights when it comes to racism police brutality and cultural mistrust within cities I also think there is a lovely underlining message of hope That change can come That we can break the mold That we don t have to fall into the same patterns as those that came before usIt really is a powerful message One that I think is so important for a wide audience to ingestThere were many times when a new fact would come to light where I would audibly gasp It was rapid fire reveal reveal reveal as it all comes togetherI felt so much for both Shawn and Grace as well as their families Imagining all they had been through and the reasons why really weighs on a heartThis novel seems to be flying under the radar I am really hoping this review will make at least one person pick it up The issues tackled are so topical and importantWhy can t that person be you Seriously particularly in today s climate this is such an important story Grab a copy if you can You won t be disappointed

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Your House Will Pay review ¹ 104 A powerful and taut novel about racial tensions in LA following two families one Korean American one African American grappling with the effects of a decades old crimeIn the wake of the police shooting of a black teenager Los Angeles is as tense as it’s been since the unrest of the early 1990s Protests and vigils are being staged all over the city It’s in this dangerous tinderbox that two families must finally confront their pastsGrace Park lives a sheltered existence living at home wit. I ve been working on this book since the end of 2014 and while I get maybe one shot at sifting for typos I think I can finally say it s done It s a bit of a departure from my PI series a literarysocial crime novel about two Los Angeles families a contemporary story with deep roots in the blackKorean tensions of the early 90s I ve worked long and hard on it so I m not gonna ualify this I think it s really good and I can t wait for you all to read it