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  • Hardcover
  • 112
  • De dood van Murat Idrissi
  • Tommy Wieringa
  • English
  • 15 July 2020
  • 9781911344889

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De dood van Murat Idrissi Free read ð eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Two venturesome women on a journey through the land of their fathers and mothers A wrong turn A bad decisionThey had no idea when they arrived in Morocco that their usual freedoms as young European women would not b. 45 s Thouraya s hair was blowing wildly in the wind They smoked one cigarette after the other in silence Ilham admired her her independence and her fearlessness she took what was coming to her she was bellicose in everything including her desires Thouraya and this was what she admired most had tamed the beast of shame The Death of Murat Idrissi is a novel by prize winning Dutch author Tommy Wieringa It is flawlessly translated from Dutch by Sam Garrett Ilham Assouline and her friend Thouraya are on the ferry to Spain headed back home to Rotterdam from their impulsive and rather ill fated Moroccan summer vacation There on deck with them are three young men Saleh whose company became welcome when they ran into difficulties and his two friends Ilham is uneasy because she s been talked into doing something against her better judgementWhen they dock at Algeciras a uick check of the car s trunk reveals things have gone dreadfully wrong And now the two young women of Moroccan immigrant parents but raised in the Netherlands are on their own with very little money not enough petrol to get home and the remains of Murat Idrissi Is how they react a product of their upbringing or their environment Or both When does fear and the need for self preservation overwhelm the respect and responsibility a person has been taught Are eroded values contagiousWieringa has a talent for evocative prose He possessed no firm core only other people s melodies to which he danced in step Her irritation had vanished now there was only a harmless sort of contempt She was proud of her own insight into human character Dark and powerful this is a thought provoking readThis unbiased review is from an uncorrected proof copy provided by Scribe Publishing

Summary De dood van Murat IdrissiDe dood van Murat Idrissi

De dood van Murat Idrissi Free read ð eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB R space there is no exitTheir tale of confinement and escape is as old as the landscapes and cultures so vividly depicted in this story of where Europe and Africa come closest to meeting even if they never uite touc. It s safe to say without spoiling the plot that Tommy Wieringa s very short novel The Death of Murat Idrissi translated from the Dutch by Sam Garrett is built around a striking image of a dead boy It s one that I will probably remember for some time Besides that and the fine prologue however I found this a rather insubstantial novella that in my humble opinion has similar problems as Hubert Mingarelli s Four Soldiers which I briefly reviewed yesterday somewhat two dimensional characters and an underdeveloped plot and I m a fan of short novels Wieringa also tends toward using a lot of em dashes and semicolons which to me felt a little too forcedPerhaps my negative feelings stem from the fact that Mathias nard s Street of Thieves my favorite novel of his offers a fascinating portrait of the relations between Morocco and Europe The underworld the sexual frustration of men Islam and the astounding ending of that novel Whereas here I feel there s not much to take away with me after finishingI might come across as uite pessimistic in terms of this year s MBI longlist but I ve read several from the list which I haven t reviewed or even marked yet on Goodreads and fortunately know that there are books like Can Xue s Love in the New Millennium which I m currently reading in awe

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De dood van Murat Idrissi Free read ð eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB E available So when the spry Saleh presents himself as their guide and saviour they embrace his offer He extracts them from a tight space only to lead them inexorably into an even tighter one and from this far darke. Thank you scribepub for sending me a copy of The Death of Murat Idrissi to review in my uest to read the Man Booker International long list At only 100 pages this one is novella than novel but the imagery is very striking like the cover and a pertinent storyThe translation from the Dutch by Sam Garrett was well done I thought I didn t really come across any awkward passages and I think that s probably because Tommy Wieringa employs very straight forward no nonsense language which is a lot easier to translate than flowery proseOur protagonists are two Dutch girls who decide to head to Morocco where their parents were born for a reason that s not really clear but also not the point of the story While there they cross paths with Saleh a guy who organises illegal crossings for Moroccans hoping to escape poverty and unemployment by heading to Spain In a time where there s seemingly never ending horrific stories of refugees drowning in attempts to cross the ocean in dinghies and the like this feels like an important book to remind us of the desperation these people feelFrom the title it s easy to see how the operation goes as Thouraya and Ilham agree to help Murat by smuggling him across in the tyre well of their car As much as I did enjoy the writing and the topic disturbing as the story is there is the uestion of Own Voices I appreciate that authors are trying to incorporate diversity into their work but Wieringa doesn t have any first hand experience being a second generation Moroccan girl from the NetherlandsI m not saying Wieringa s narration is bad indeed it s good and I m glad he s drawing our attention to the lengths people are willing to go in a grass is always greener scenario but I m sure you see the point