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  • Knight by Raquel Ann Gil
  • Raquel Ann Gil
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  • 15 March 2020
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Knight by Rauel Ann Gil Summary à 100 He front seat at the cutting of the ribbon Now she’s deep in cow dung or rather under the claws of a demon Fortunately she is saved by the skin of her throat by a sword wielding woman who claims to be from another world And that’s just the appetizer For the entrée apparently is entering Pandora’s box itself which she later finds out is called Valemnia With Earth potentially being involved in Valemnia’s pesky pest problem Valeriana is unable to take a neutral stance Leaving the busy streets of modern day Boston albeit unwillingly she takes a plunge to br Actual rating 35 starsThe story was actually uite good The main problems with this book were in the way it was written feeling like a rough draft It uite often happened that some sentences were missing making the plot jumping from one point to the other without making any sense It definitely needs some extra editing Besides that I think the characters could be maked believable and some extra explaining about how the worlds work wouldn t hurt

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Knight by Rauel Ann Gil Summary à 100 “You can either choose to attend this academy or continue to be detained as a prisoner Allowing you to train as a knight is probably the best choice since having a human as a Celeste is advantageous Because of safety purposes the gates are never opened Current circumstance reuires however the re bridging of our worlds If ever you survive and graduate from the academy you’ll be a representative the ambassador of humankind uite a fancy title don’t you think” Pandora’s box has opened and hell has broken loose Unfortunately for Valeriana Kerrigan she had t Holy shiznits I just blasted through all parts of the series in 2 days Now I am impatiently waiting for the next chapter of Cosmos part 5How did this happenOf course there are some flaws in the stories but nothing to major Language is very well selected could be tweeked at one point or another Keep in mind that all other parts of this series is not published but still undergoing editing Storytelling and world building are great Wonderful characters and great humour throughout the storySome sentences are in the original language should the other parts go into print which I hope a glossary at the end of the book would be nice to have Not sure how I should recover from this

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Knight by Rauel Ann Gil Summary à 100 Ave a whole new world in the most literal sense one which mirrors hers with a dash of surrealism beasts demons and even locals who wield the elements like second nature Despite the minor setbacks and being human she is confronted by a path she cannot hope to never take pick up arms survive eight years in an academy as a knight in training and help push back the demons plaguing Valemnia However to do so she may just have to let go of her humanity Follow Valeriana through the magic filled halls of Celeste Academy Grab your copy of this adventure packed fantasy now The only reason I am giving this book o because of the grammatical errors But considering that a 14 YEAR OLD wrote it the grammatical errors were insignificant I loved this book LOVED LOVED LOVED IT Knight is a must read Great plot and story in general Valeriana is very relatable and characters make are lovable and uirky And the tense relationship between Corvan and her I ate it all up

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