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Rufous Redtail Characters õ 100 Makes friends with the other birds Jerry Goldfinch Vario Sapsucker Luco a bald eagle Pandion a fish hawk and Buzzy His mother teaches him how to find his way in the world how to read the signs from nature who to trust and not trust and h. This book was a significant book in my childhood and I rediscovered it recently I reread it about four months ago and it still is uite educational to me teaching me about myself and the society arround me fifty years after my first read

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Rufous Redtail Characters õ 100 Rufous is a redtail hawk who is impatient to grow up and take on the wide world around him While he is a juvenile his t tail feathers are brown but when he grows up he knows he'll have red feathers earning him the name of Redtail HawkHe. My second grade teacher read this book aloud to the class in the 60s and I loved it I have to admit it made me cry I cared deeply what happened to this bird I can t find this book anywhere except com They have one used copy for sale currently at over 20000 which I m not willing to pay I wish the current owner of the publishing rights would release it again I know the current generation would love it as much as past generations did

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Rufous Redtail Characters õ 100 Ow to avoid the dangerous men He is pleased to see when he returns home after a year of migrating that his tail feathers are red and he is finally an adult It's a gentle story that introduces young readers to nature and the habits of bir. My 3rd or 4th grade teacher first read this book to my class I would later buy a copy to read to my children when they were growing up