[New] (And Other Rivers) AUTHOR Jing–Jing Lee

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  • And Other Rivers
  • Jing-Jing Lee
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  • 19 March 2020
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Jing-Jing Lee â 5 Summary

characters And Other Rivers Free download And Other Rivers 105 Parallel landscape where all the insidious methods of love and violence flower with a strange dangerous beauty Lee’s vivid and searching poetics fluid and sure footed mark her out as a poet of delicate and distinctive authority” Jane Draycott Author of Pearl. At best very vivid descriptions would have been a better read if it was in prose

characters And Other Rivers

And Other Rivers

characters And Other Rivers Free download And Other Rivers 105 Ongings and about the searches and meanderings one embarks on to fulfil those longings And Other Rivers starts close to home winds its way across foreign landscapes and finds its way back again“Entering the world of And Other Rivers is like a opening a door on a. Really really enjoyed this Very heartfelt the poems told stories that i captivated me ii I felt I was a part of Glad I picked this book up Also the cover is really pretty

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characters And Other Rivers Free download And Other Rivers 105 In And Other Rivers lives are carved open from tip to tail and laid out for display A child watches her father perform a lunar new year ritual First generation migrants swim for shore A woman dives into fast flowing water This collection of poetry is about fluid l. Curiosity level Cultural explorer modeHear the difference betweenShut up andShut up lahThe last word hiding in it the curve of a smilemaking a blow land light as a kiss p41 AfterwordA beautiful collection of elegant melancholic memories observations that hug the comfort of the past watery elements nature and mostly rivers people and traditionI enjoyed the slowing down of time as I munched each poem In After Swim we observe the division of people of races after the immigration to early Singapore The River Alpheus seems to be about the obscure death of a brother and his possible reincarnation I could be wrong In Huang He the narrator mirrors the traditions of the yellow river to her own life Each poem has a cultural richness and cryptic depth I think the poems have a dimension which is difficult to enter into without an amount of mulling over Yet this exercise adds the revelatory oomph that we would otherwise miss I particularly enjoyed her Afterword tongue in cheek but true poem