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Free read ¶ Nailed by Amie Stuart 109 Ng it's erotic and it always leaves her ready and willing for Turn OnWhen you're a bounty hunter late night stake outs are part of the job So Wynn Collier should be concentrating on his own business not watching a Peeping Tom with the sweetest body west of the Mississippi But he's a hot blooded ma. Picking that next book to read is such a bizarre process alchemy than science The TBR Romance collection on my Kindle is LARGE and I m surprised at the weird things that will kick a book up to the pole position In this case I picked up Nailed by Amie Stuart for the dumbest of reasons I m a cat person I ve read a bunch of books with dogs lately and I m pretty sure my cats are keeping the feline euivalent of The Naughty Listand they know I see them eying me so it seemed prudent to get back in their good graces by reading a book with a cat in itEnter Nailed by Amie Stuart The book has a cat named Clyde a woman on the run and a hit man hero Perfect Our hero Wynn is a constant disappointment to his family of thugs and hit men Wynn his mother calls him Wynnie Dying participates in the family business in that he ll track people down and strong arm information out of them but he refuses to kill anyone Wynn s older brother and father are disappointed and upset in Wynn s poor life choices It s a great premise one Amie Stuart carries off with humor and panache The heroine is Julie Burt who s been on the run for three years hoping to elude the killers who murdered her sister Julie has created a new life and identity for herself in a nowhere Texas town called Cielo She s the handyman for a rundown apartment complex and after three years of running she s finally settled in enough and starts to feel safe She picks up Wynn for a one night stand he doesn t realize she s the woman he s been looking for and she only wants a uick release from a drifter who won t stick around But once Wynn realizes Julie is his uarry he needs to decide how to get her to trust him so he can get the information he needs I really loved Wynn Julie and the whole cast of characters in Cielo Amie Stuart has a gift for dialogue and the snappy banter between Wynn and Julie is the best part of the book I giggled a few times and I d be remiss if I didn t report in that Clyde is a very well developed cat character Julie s miffed that Clyde prefers Wynn thinking I just couldn t bring myself to trust someone Clyde liked After all Clyde hated me which just went to show what a poor judge of character he was I enjoyed this self deprecating and slightly sarcastic tone from both Julie and Wynn To me this book was a great mix of heart and humorThis book wasn t perfect There were a few typos which didn t bother me all that much I ve found typos in every review I ve published here and I swear I ve triple checked them all Self publishing is hard and I don t worry about a few misplaced commas so I m reporting only because I know it s a deal breaker for some folks The book s plot is complicated and didn t always feel entirely coherent and there were definitely loose ends I wanted tied up The characters are the star of this show Wynn and Julie are charming and I had fun following their adventures I wouldn t have predicted I d use the word fun for a book about a hitman trying to chase down an innocent woman I enjoyed the dichotomy of the serious danger plot with a light comic tone I ll almost always give a good rating to a book that surprises me Nailed was delightful which come to think of it is what I should have expected from a book with a catCross posted from The Book ueen s site

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Free read ¶ Nailed by Amie Stuart 109 Late Night As resident fix it girl for an apartment complex in a tiny Texas town Bonnie James makes enough money to pay the bills and have a little fun on the side She likes checking out the other tenants and sometimes indulges in her own sexual fantasies by watching them late at night It's exciti. Fabulous book Sexy funny and a little gritty Wynn and Bonnie are a fabulous couple kind of a Texan style Ranger and Stephanie Plum I loved Bonnie she s tough and sassy and resourceful Wynn is a great alpha hero and his crazy family is hilarious Clyde the cat is one crazy neurotic feline Fun book The cover is a bit misleading as it makes the book look like an urban contemporaryerotic romance It reads like a Kristen Ashley Rock Chick book sexy and funny with a bit of romantic suspense thrown in Highly recommend

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Free read ¶ Nailed by Amie Stuart 109 Le on a hot Texas night and he can't resist the chance to investigate every one of her delectable curvesPraise for Hands OnSexy scrumptious finger lickin' good Monica JacksonFrom sweet to spanky Stuart's heroines sizzle across the page Lucinda BettsWARNING This is a REALLY HOT book Sexually Explic. She Nailed ItProfessional not a hitman Wynn Collier has spent a year and a half searching for a woman who doesn t want to be found He s tracked his uarry Julie Burt to a tiny town in Texas and uickly falls in lust with the sexy brunette When they discover each other s identities and true motives they re in too deep to reign in their passion Wynn and Julie will have to figure out what information that a treacherous third party wants before she disappearsfor good NAILED is book 1 in the Marked for Love series and if future installments are anything like this gem consider me ALL IN The tone of the book was darkly sweet with Wynn being this black sheep of the family of professional hitmen He uses his size and attitude to get the results he wants claiming to be a lover not a fighter Julie is a kick ass female strong and independent who s thwarted two other guys sent to find her and who brings Wynn to his knees literally when she figures out who he is Add in some deliciously hot sex and flirty banter and NAILED was a perfect storm of yumminess that I devoured in one sitting Yup I finished this one just as fast as I could turn the pages I couldn t get enough The interesting secondary characters were a random assortment of outlaws and outcasts all in sleepytown TX trying to get lost Julie s particular brand of kink saved NAILED from taking itself too seriously This story was told in Julie s first person POV and Wynn s secondhand POV sometimes making for awkward transitions and pronoun mistakes That fact along with the plethora of editing errors had me taking the rating down a notch but with some good editing this is easily a 5 star book Bottom Line NAILED was a really good book that just needs some cleaning up I m excited for in this fun series Review copy provided via Reading Alley in exchange for an honest review