(EBOOK FREE) [Mastering Apache Maven 3] BY Prabath Siriwardena

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Free read ✓ Mastering Apache Maven 3 H to get the most out of the book What You Will Learn Apply Maven best practices in designing a build system to improve developer productivity Customize the build process to suit your enterprise needs by developing custom Maven plugins lifecycles and archetypes Implement and deploy a Maven repository manager to manage the build process in a better and smoother way Design the build in a way that prevents any maintenance nightmares with proper dependency management Optimize Maven configuration settings Create your own distribution archive using Maven assemblies Build custom Maven lifecycles and lifecycle extensions In Detail Maven is the number one buil.

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Free read ✓ Mastering Apache Maven 3 Enhance developer productivity and address exact enterprise build reuirements by extending Maven About This Book Develop and manage large complex projects with confidence Extend the default behavior of Maven with custom plugins lifecycles and archetypes Explore the internals of Maven to arm yourself with knowledge to troubleshoot build issues Who This Book Is For If you are working with Java or Java EE projects and you want to take full advantage of Maven in designing executing and maintaining your build system for optimal developer productivity then this book is ideal for you You should be well versed with Maven and its basic functionality if you wis.

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Free read ✓ Mastering Apache Maven 3 D tool used by developers for than a decade Maven stands out among other build tools due to its extremely extensible architecture which is built on top of the concept convention over configuration This has made Maven the de facto tool used to manage and build Java projectsThis book is a technical guide to the difficult and complex concepts in Maven and build automation It starts with the core Maven concepts and its architecture and then explains how to build extensions such as plugins archetypes and lifecycles in depthThis book is a step by step guide that shows you how to use Apache Maven in an optimal way to address your enterprise build reuirements.

  • Kindle Edition
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  • Mastering Apache Maven 3
  • Prabath Siriwardena
  • English
  • 14 November 2020
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