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read & download Beach Blonde Beach Blonde free read ↠ 100 Emme Salt ✓ 0 review Hired by a mysterious agency that caters only to the elite Cassie thinks she's spending her summer vacation working as a nanny in Tahiti for the wealthy Doyle family Once she arrives innocent Cassie discovers much than just beaches and tropical sunsets She gets closer to Seamus and Mary Doyle than she ever imagined and uncovers their naughty secret theirs and the Agency'sThis 22000 word erotic romance story features oral sex a touch of voyeurism and meltingly hot threesomes He reached for me pulling me against him Well I guess I'll have to make it up to you he said and kissed me His kiss I'll remember it forever Electricity every time He nuzzled my neck with his nose Mmm I love the smell of a fresh washed girl he said Just soap a

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read & download Beach Blonde Beach Blonde free read ↠ 100 Emme Salt ✓ 0 review Ly up my spine rubbing it outwards in circles Mmm I hadn't realized that I was so stiff and sore probably from our little adventure on the beach His hands warmed the butter and the heat loosened me up It was a delicious backrub; I hadn't realized how much I needed one I let my eyes close and my mind drifted off into blissHis hands moved a little wider now stroking along my waist and rounding around to my stomach The slickness of the lotion and the hypnotic massage kept me silent even though I knew it was risky to let him touch me here and now And somehow I knew that it was going to get even intimate even dangerous if I let him keep goingBut I did I wanted it I didn't even have a twinge of shameClick on the cover to Look Inside fo

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read & download Beach Blonde Beach Blonde free read ↠ 100 Emme Salt ✓ 0 review Nd skin So sexyI sighed again relaxing into his arms He stroked my cheek with a finger For a moment we just sat there enjoying each other's company He stirred Let me help you with the lotion he said Lift up your shirtBiting my lip I sat up and did as he ordered turning my back to him and raising my shirt What was it about him that made me want to obey every one of his demands I didn't know but I sat there waiting for his touch my t shirt bunched up around my chest My skin prickled with goosebumpsWhen his hand touched my back a moment later I twitched a little as he smoothed the cool shea butter onto my curved backSo jumpy he said Don't worry sweetheart I'm here to help you relaxGee I wonder why Mr Doyle He stroked the butter slow

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    PDF Beach Blonde Super hot readAn agency story Beach blonde is a very naughty super hot taboo read and I couldn't stopreading it Emme Salt NEVER DISAPPOINTS

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