[EBOOK / KINDLE] Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson

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  • Treasure Island
  • Robert Louis Stevenson
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  • 15 July 2018
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Free read ✓ Treasure Island 104 H it's dastardly plot and motley crew of rogues and villains it seems unlikely that children will ever say no to this timeless classic Naomi Gesinger. As Indiana Jones once rather astutely pointed out when it comes to treasure X never ever marks the spot Well it does if you re a pirate which basically means that as a pirate you have a statistically much higher chance of finding treasure than any archaeologist ever would I find this a bit unfortunate and if someone had presented me with this hard and fast evidence I would have ticked the pirate box and not the archaeologist box on my careers worksheet at school Instead I have to make do with reading Treasure Island and fantasising about my ideal bespoke treasure island emeralds growing on trees I know this is an arboreal unlikelihood but it s my fantasy so back off lagoons filled with sapphires gold dubloons in huge heapy piles at the foot of azure blue waterfalls and knuckle sized diamonds to be chipped off the walls of underground caverns Stevenson s Treasure Island is much less of a Disney esue fantasy and Jim Hawkins narrator and salty sea dog in the making is forced to pit his wits against the wiliest of all pirates Long John Silver in a race to retrieve the booty After finding an oil skin map in a dead mans chest nice Robert very nice Jim sets off to find some trustworthy or gullible adults Jim must be in possession of some serious powers of persuasion because within minutes the good suire and his associates are rustling up a ship no mean feat when a schooner could set you back 6000 and your chance of surviving the voyage was slim tightening their buckanneering belts and getting ready to hit the high seas It turns out the ships cook is than he seems though and not to be underestimated I wonder if JF Lawton the writer of Under Siege was a Treasure Island fan after all he served up Casey Rybeck the most underestimated ships cook of all timeCaribbean capers ensue as Long John Silver serves up a melting pot of mendacity in an attempt to get his hand on Captain Flint s treasure Jim Hawkins proves he s tougher than a soused herring that s been at the bottom of a barrel for a year and successfully repels the Island siege before hoisting the main sail jibing ho and heading for Britain The other pirates are left marooned as a punishment and their skeletons will be unearthed 250 years from the time of telling during the construction of a Sandals adult holiday resort Personally I think I d rather be marooned than go to Sandals

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Free read ✓ Treasure Island 104 N Silver and Jim Hawkins are destined to remain pieces of folklore for as long as children want to read Robert Louis Stevenson's most famous book Wit. English Treasure Island Italiano Suire Trelawney Dr Livesey and the rest of these gentlemen having asked me to write down the whole particulars about Treasure Island from the beginning to the end keeping nothing back but the bearings of the island and that only because there is still treasure not yet lifted I take up my pen in the year of grace 17 and go back to the time when my father kept the Admiral Benbow inn and the brown old seaman with the sabre cut first took up his lodging under our roof Perfect incipit for an adventure novel able to introduce the whole story in a few lines and at the same time generate in the reader that tantalizing curiosity that invites you to read uickly the pages thinking let s settle down you re going to see some thingsHowever I confess that for me the novel by Robert Louis Stevenson reread years later this time is a bedtime reading for my daughter has lost part of its appeal Nevertheless my daughter appreciated it probably it s a novel that best suits the tastes of children and young people In fact Stevenson has never hidden that the inspiration to the novel came frome his adopted son Lloyd with whom in a rainy afternoon drew an island for fun fantasizing with him on the places about the places map and on future characters The novel that was taking shape for the 12 year olds boy s amusement changed in a really fun adventure Well then let s all sing it together Fifteen men on a dead man s chestYo ho ho and a bottle of rum Vote 75 Sollecitato dal conte Trelawney dal dottor Livesey e dal resto della brigata di scrivere la storia della nostra avventura all Isola del Tesoro con tutti i suoi particolari nessun escluso salvo la posizione dell isola e ci perch una parte del tesoro ci ancora nascosta io prendo la penna nell anno di grazia 17 e mi rifaccio al tempo in cui mio padre teneva la locanda dell Ammiraglio Benbow e il vecchio uomo di mare dal viso sfregiato da un colpo di sciabola prese per la prima volta alloggio presso di noi L incipit di uelli perfetti per un romanzo d avventura in grado di introdurre in poche righe tutta la vicenda e contemporaneamente generare nel lettore uella stuzzicante curiosit che invoglia a divorare le pagine Per la serie mettetevi a sedere che ora ne vedrete delle belleConfesso per che per me il romanzo di Robert Louis Stevenson riletto a distanza di anni lettura serale per mia figlia ha perso un p del suo fascino Mia figlia ha comunue apprezzato probabilmente un romanzo che meglio si adatta ai gusti di bambini e ragazzi D altronde Stevenson non ha mai nascosto che l ispirazione per il romanzo gliela ha data il figlio adottivo Lloyd con il uale in un pomeriggio di pioggia disegn per gioco un isola fantasticando assieme a lui sui luoghi della mappa e sui futuri personaggi Il racconto che prendeva forma per il divertimento di un ragazzo dodicenne si poi trasformato in una gran bella avventura E allora cantiamo tutti insieme uindici uomini sulla cassa del mortoyo ho ho e una bottiglia di rum Voto 75

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Free read ✓ Treasure Island 104 Climb aboard for the swashbuckling adventure of a lifetime Treasure Islandhas enthralled and caused slight seasickness for decades The names Long Joh. 3 items worthy of note in Robert Louis Stevenson s classic treasure Treasure Island1 There are a ton of tropes We understand that this is pretty much what Disney s Pirates of the Caribbean ripped off making tons of money off of this adventurous classic including but not limited to rampant alcoholism a code of honor castaways at sea or in land shipwrecks new and ancient treason group individual double crosses mutiny hostages captures and shocking escapes strangers appearing from the mist pirate flags raresome slapstick comedy he fell from his whole height face foremost to the floor 16 good comedic timing the parrot tells everybody The Secret ruining plans a compass made up entirely of human bones ghosts2Jim Hawkins is your typical YA protagonist prototype He s the go between the two fighting groups the one who bargains with the villain Long John Silver mmm breaded fish and shrimpyummm and propels the narrative forward He s the center a dreamer while he loses his humility he attains a coming of age wisdom that peaks at the point where he brandishes a pistol for the first time3The plot resembles a Hollywood blockbuster There is very little inaction but when it occurs such as the villain s cliched solilouy or the factions grunting against their enemies it does decelerate the pace of the story Here is a very substantial urge to make everything explosive loud Thank you Mr Stevenson