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Loving Kate Summary ✓ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Katherine Moore has loved Michael Matthews since they were children She’s also in love with his best friend After her world was turned upside down she made an impulsive choice which may have cost her the loves of her life Now as she tries to make amends she has to choose one of them But how do you choose between two men who love you unconditionally Things cont. ONE there are SPOILERS I REPEAT SPOILERS BELOW TWO I will be a babbling mess of joy Try to follow alongNOW THAT YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED LET S DO THISWow Talk about one emotional roller coaster I laughed cried growled and sang hallelujah while I read I swear Ms Dee loves to have me a ball of nerves while I read Seriously Dee I could not stop reading once I started So much happened in this book some of it I predicted would happen some of it shocked me and some of it just had me grinning like a fool This is one the only books that had me crying sad tears with a broken heart one chapter and then crying happy tears when things finally started playing out the way I wanted them the next chapterWe had loveWe had lossWe had lots of freaking babies Seriously HELLLOOO babies I loved it Thank you Dee for wrapping up this series up with a nice little bow it felt like everyone was happy and wound up with HEA I needed that I have grown attached to Kate Daniel Mike Jess Conner Jake and AprilOkay I guess I should back this review up and start at the beginning of the book Cause we had some major things happen before my song and dance occurred at three am This book started right where Releasing Kate ended Daniel was still heart broken from what witnessed And refused to give into his love for Kate He was such a stubborn man Daniel was so stubborn in the beginning and so stinking hot taking care of baby Lucas He made everyone swoon My boy Daniel may have taken longer than I would have liked to realize he could forgive Kate and would He was hurt that from what she did and was honest when he told her he needed baby steps He did not know if he could forgive her Daniel broke my heart than once when he was realizing he missed his girl I could not wait to have my dominant alpha male back I did a little happy dance when Daniel returned and claimed his girl Kate knew she made a mistake and worked her tush off trying to prove that she would never do it again I loved when Kate told Daniel that she might have slept with someone while they were apart but he had a child with another woman so get over it Daniel needed to hear that from her She loved Lucas like her own from the moment she met the little guy Kate is the glue that holds the group together the uiet encourager and the one person they all go to with issues I will miss Kate and her mommabear waysMike had me swooning from the moment he was first introduce in this book That man has really grown up Which is huge since his entire world changed in this book Not even me Kate Daniel is the only man who should ever be in your bed I ll always be here for you until the last breath I take You re my soul mate remember We re just soul mates of the friend kind this time around Next time though it ll be me and you again I know it Mike proved over and over that he had not only Kate s back but Daniel s as well He loved them both I loved that he received his HEA He was a fantastic dad and found the love he had be searching for as well I have waited months to see this HEA I mean months I need this so stinking bad I am still a smiling mess three days later

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Loving Kate Summary ✓ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB The man she loves As they both struggle to accept their new circumstances Kate can’t help but hope this will be their second chance at happily ever after Will the man of her dreams be able to forgive her or will she finally have to accept that she’s truly lost the love of her life Loving Kate is the third and final full length novel in The Acceptance Series. Nothing can describe this book and the emotions it will bring out in you This is a story about three people and the love they inspire within each other Love loss pain and rebuilding a relationship that was destroyed by miss understandings and misguided intentions In this third and final book in the acceptance series Kate finally reveals who she chooses and we find out why she made the choices she made The characters in this story takes the reader on an emotional journey that will make your heart pound with each pageThe growth of these characters throughout the story has been a pleasure to read This story will make you embrace the softer side of love and loss Daniel Michael Kate and their friends go through a lot to get where they are and even though secrets are never the answer to anything somehow they find a way to embrace not only each other and become not only best friends but also family Secrets lies heartache and pain all tied up in a story that wasn t rushed but flowed so perfectly The whole time you re reading you will either be Team Michael or Team Danial both characters will capture your attention and heart This was a great end to a wonderful series I can t wait to see what s next from DKelly I was so happy with HEA in this story

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Loving Kate Summary ✓ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Inue to get even complicated with the arrival of baby Lucas In the midst of it all her college graduation looms on the horizon and her future has never seemed unclear When she finally declares which man she can’t live without he refuses to let Kate back into his heart Everything seems hopeless until a sudden change of events puts her in day to day contact with. Received an ARC for an honest review I love this series as big as the sky It has all come down to this The last book of the Acceptance series and I was drowned with all the emotions before during and after reading Loving Kate I was scared sad happy sad sad and happy in no particular orderWhether your TeamDaniel or TeamMike you will definitely love this book It wouldn t be easier to the other party who doesn t get chosen by Kate but D Kelly had made sure that all her characters get the ending they deserved Not only with Daniel Kate and Mike but with Connor Jess and the others as well It was bittersweet but definitely beautiful I was really scared with how D Kelly might have turned around this book but I was 100% satisfied and amazed on how she perfectly told this story No uestions left everything explained All the confusions and hanging feeling from the ueen of cliffhangers will be answeredThis series has captured me mostly because of the strong bond that the characters has It felt like a true family It felt like I was part of that family I will truly miss them but as part of the Acceptance series family I am very much happy for all of them sobsThere were still secrets revealed twists turned and turned all over again Loving Kate is the best finale I could have wanted to a great series Kudos to D Kelly for doing such an amazing job