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summary Joni and Ken An Untold Love Story ¹ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Gelähmten Frau ist schwerer als gedacht Zunehmend leidet die Ehe darunter und wird vor Zerreißproben gestellt Erst die Diagnose Brustkrebs im Jahr 2010 bringt die beiden entgegen aller Erwartungen wieder ganz eng zusammen und auf unglaubliche Weise in die spürbare N Oh my goodness they are the sweetest people with huge amounts of faith Read this just to be uplifted by how God uses them They aren t perfect they just have great perspectives on life And I really love that The only thing I wish the book had was the pov written in first person It would have made the stories seem personal I think with the way it was written at times it came across as cliched And I didn t always love how Ken was portrayed I would have liked to hear his voice in first person really detail his struggle with depression in the 90s and how he felt about taking care of Joni The ending is really sweet though and you see the arch of where God has taken them

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summary Joni and Ken An Untold Love Story ¹ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Uerschnittgelähmt berühmt und über dreißig Jetzt noch einen Mann zu finden ist das Letzte womit Joni rechnet Bis der gut aussehende Ken in ihr Leben tritt und Joni verspricht in guten wie in schlechten Zeiten Doch die Pflege und das ganz alltägliche Leben mit einer Even though a dear older friend at church loved this book about the marriage of Joni and Ken Tada I never meant to read it Rather Joni Eareckson Tada kept finding her way into conversations with a different friend at church That friend asked me to repeat Joni s name asked what she wrote asked for her name written down So I left for the used bookstore on Sunday hoping it might have a book I saw there before or another of Joni s works Flipping through this I thought it looked too full of suffering something I ve really been fearing lately Yet this was the book in stock So this was the one I bought Early on the story seems so hopeful A woman who is nearly 32 and paralyzed and thus thinks marriage will elude her finds a man she once prayed for after admiring the back of his head when distracted at a worship service starting to admire her Really admire her He even empties her leg bag of urine on the first date Yet the story turns awfully gritty and hard It turns out Ken partly loved Joni s personality her beauty her love for the Lord bigger than life persona Living with a uadriplegic woman providing so much of her care of course is involved than Ken had expected before marriage Granted marriage is harder for anyone than imagined The daily grind begings to wear on him distance builds in the relationship Joni distances herself to lessen the strain on Ken while hating the distance After a while it all seems so grimBeing 32 with damaged arm tendons and a slightly uestionable immune system I found myself moving from relating to wrongly using the account as a barometer If I should find my autoimmunity to ever include than thyroid disease would this be the burden a husband would feel Should I determine to never marry Empty apartment or condo a house seems like uite a high aim with damaged arms because it might necessitate finding a sustainable career path empty kitchen table empty bed empty passenger seat empty womb empty life friends being less available as age brings marriages struggling to find suitable jobs though I must say the Lord always has gotten me through just in ways that show His hand had to have given the answers because they were too uniue for me to findrecognize That s how fear speaks right That what we fear will happen That it will turn out as just as we think or worse That the grace of God won t be there incidentally Jay Adams is very good at speaking into this last point in a tiny booklet called Christ and Your Problems That s it s all about me my desires my idols gulp my circumstancesAnd yet by the end this book spoke hope where fear had settled deep into my bones Sure what Joni feared sometimes happened Similarly what you and I fear might happen Plus good changes that are given may be taken away We can t count on what God hasn t promised Yet the grace of God IS intricately woven through any believer s life even if we eclipse it in our imaginings And sometimes Christ is seen most and the most good comes in the grittiest harder than ever imagined circumstances Circumstances life paraplegia where one can t even go to the bathroom unassisted compounded by horrible and distracting chronic pain cancer a masectomy pneumonia something uite dangerous after years of paraplegia What has proved most insightful from Joni s life for me is what I love most about this book It brings the reader back to Christ His presence The hope He brings How we find fulfillment without looking for it in following the Lord and out of service to Him pouring our lives into othersAs the light creeps back in dawn is on the horizon The hardness is there but so is the surpassing beauty of Christ Suffering threatens to conuer but Christ is most present in it and working good than Joni and Ken ever guessed in their lesser struggles The Lord is deeply binding the hearts of two people bound formally by a covenant through great trials Their life changes to rejoicing in their union with God and each other Home changes to being about an us rather than a structure or two I s We find that GOD is present GOD is strong GOD is loving GOD sustains GOD changes circumstances sometimes and His people always GOD gives growth and peace and hope GOD fulfills that GOD does all things well Christ s grace is sufficient because His power is made perfect seen felt in weakness The rest the hope the help are not in us but in the Lord Don t you see the HOPE for you Joni and Ken there And the HOPE for you and me whether or not our health holds we can ever afford houses our wombs stay empty and our homes at least emptier than hoped For the God who sustains the Tadas who teaches them who works so wondrously in and through their very real pain and trials who binds them closer who gives joy when circumstances can t account for it is ACCESSIBLE TO ANYONE IN CHRIST By being so real about their struggles and God s work in them they show WEARY WEAK SINFUL MISERABLE people something of THE SUFFICIENCY AND GOODNESS OF CHRIST For that I am very thankful the Lord led me to buy a book I didn t want to readThis is a bit too autobiographical but it shall do

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summary Joni and Ken An Untold Love Story ¹ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ähe von JesusJoni Ken“ ist eine wahre Geschichte voller Romantik und Trauer voller Vertrauen und Unsicherheiten voller Glück und Schmerz Eine Geschichte wie sie schöner und spannender kaum sein könnte Und die nur eines überdauern kann eine Liebe die Flügel schen Public library copy Years ago I read Joni the story of her accident which caused her uadriplegia Not knowing anything about Ken I decided to read their story It is truly a love story with twists and turns and an enduring love which mirrors our Saviour s love for usI like the way the book is written in the third person which gives it good flow It s a very transparent story especially for Ken For those who have read my reviews of John Eldredge s books I d like to comment on the connection between Ken Tada and John Eldredge I might not mention this but it stuck in my craw until I searched it out The short of it is this I am disappointed to see Ken Tada working in ministry with Eldredge whose theology falls short of the Bible s view of Who God is The book Joni and Ken clearly endorses Eldredge s Wild Adventures which Ken helps to lead As a point of reference Tim Challies also warns against Eldredge s departure from a scriptural view of God This does not effect the reading of the Joni and Ken s story which is a beautiful tribute to our Almighty Father and Saviour Jesus Christ To God be the glory great things He hath done

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