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  • Her Gentle Capture The Alfieri Saga #2
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  • 11 January 2020
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Read ß Her Gentle Capture The Alfieri Saga #2 Defenses countering all of her arguments about why they shouldn't be together and showing her in great detail how incredible they are together So why does she become so angry when he tells her he won’t share her with anyone els. I have to say that I enjoy this book It made me smile and nod and grin LoLMitch it s a man that don t know how to react to a woman saying no to him When she finally give herself to him he blows everything up Such a man thing to do specially if he is used to get his own wayAdriana was very innocent because of her family I guess she was to sheltered I like the way she battle with herself try to solve her own problems by herself I would have shouted to Mitch a lot of stuff if I was her after that night they spend together and what he said to her I respect her aproach she was angry and she was not going to tell him what he did wrong He needed to learn for himselfI think the book was a fast romantic funny to read I m interesting to see how the other brothers will do with their lives so I will keep reading this

Summary Her Gentle Capture The Alfieri Saga #2Her Gentle Capture The Alfieri Saga #2

Read ß Her Gentle Capture The Alfieri Saga #2 Adriana hates Mitch as a boss but can’t keep her eyes off of him He drives her crazy wanting to go over every detail of her work butshe finds herself wondering what he looks like underneath his impressive suits How is she to ma. SWEET Her Gentle Capture is a really adorable book to read Adriana and Mitch are delightful characters You make me crazy jealous Adriana Just the thought of another man touching you made me almost insane this morning Oh Mitch is very POSSESSIVE and I would ve loved to hear about his background but unfortunately we don t You blew me away Adriana You weren t like the others You didn t fit into the mold I wanted you to be in You re so different and it scares me I really enjoyed the book nevertheless

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Read ß Her Gentle Capture The Alfieri Saga #2 Intain her dislike of the man when her body is telling her that she is lying to herself Mitch is blown away by Adriana His attraction to her can no longer be ignored and he senses that she feels it too He finally breaks down her. Great start to the seriesAlthough the preceding Novella is technically the first book in this series it involves the parents an older generation so I consider it as a kind of prologue to this series Which means I consider this to be the first in the Alfieri Series I loved watching Adriana discover her passion and love for Mitch and loved watching Mitch stumble his way to realizing his love for Adriana I highly recommend this book and series to all who love contemporary romance books