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  • The Road In Is Not the Same Road Out
  • Karen Solie
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  • 04 September 2018
  • 9780374298500

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The Road In Is Not the Same Road Out Free download Æ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook review Æ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ö Karen Solie Karen Solie Ö 0 Summary Winner of the Latner Writers’ Trust Poetry PrizeA profound new collection from one of poetry's rising starsIntroducing Karen Solie I would adapt what Joseph Brodsky said some thirty years ago of the great Les Murray ‘ He is uite simply the one by whom the language lives' And yes as we embark on the third millennium of our so called Common Era she is indeed the one by whom the language lives Michael Hofmann London Review of Books A su One of my favorite poets Her mind works in mysterious ways Standouts Fables of the Recontruction When Asked Why He d Been Talking To Himself Museum of the Thing Keebleville Birth of the Rifle Darklands Bitumen Against Lyric

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The Road In Is Not the Same Road Out Free download Æ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook review Æ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ö Karen Solie Karen Solie Ö 0 Summary Out she restlessly excavates our civilization the moments of tough luck casual violence naked desire and inchoate menace pursuing Beauty and terror in eual measure and fixing on the Intrigue of a boarded up building We want to get in there and find out what's the matter with it Amplifying the elegant recklessness of her Griffin Poetry Prize–winning collection Pigeon these poems bear an uncanny poetic intelligence and unflinching vision Blue jay vocalizes a clash on the colourwheel tulip heads removed one by onewith a sand wedge Somethingin the freuency Expectations are highThere s a reason it s called the nervoussystem Someone in bed at 11 amimpersonates an empty house The sharpener sdragged his cart from the shed His bellrings out from the twelfth centuryto a neighbourhood traumatizingfood with dull knives A hammer clawsto the edge of a reno and peers out Inchingup its pole a tentative flag And the sourceOh spring my heart is in my mouth Ode pg 1 Gratitude toward the houseplants shamefor what they must endure Of particular concernthe azalea flowering like the gesture and criesof someone off the trail who sees a helicopterA long cold night is coming onIs it dying or being killedWhen I m 100 percent on what s happeningthere s still the niggling five Too muchwater neglect information Decisionsmade at the executive levelScience tells us plants emit signatures and responseson yet another freuency we cannot hearThat s all we need When littlewe were told our heads were in the cloudsNow we suspect the opposite Your News House Is Now Two Hours pg 16 The perspective is unfamiliarWe hadn t looked back driving inand lingered too longat the viewpoint It was a prime of lifeexperience Many things we knowby their effects void in the rockthat the river may advance voidin the river that the fish may advancehelicopter in the canyonlike a fly in a jar a mote in the eyea wandering cause It grew darka shift change and a shiftin protocol To the surface of the roada trail rose then a path to the surfaceof the trail The desertsent its loose rock up to seeAn inaudible catastrophic orchestrais turning we feel it in the airimpelled before it as a pressureon the brain In the dayseparate rays fall so thicklyfrom their source we cannot perceivethe gaps between them but nightis absolute uniform and self derived the formerly irrelevantbrought to bear the progressof its native creatures unimpededWe have a plan between us and then weeach have our own Land of the fourcorners the silent partner 500down no uestions the rental carstops at the highway intersection a filthyviolent storm under the hood It yieldsto traffic from both directionsIt appears it could go either way The Road In is Not the Same Road Out pg 40 Sun of breakdown sunin a cage risen overa concrete floor gutting tablebeer bottles Formfrom function dislocatedthe hood is upin an unsound hourFive gallon pail ragand cord on the unshadowedstage which isexclusive Burningin the shop in the middleof the nightSomething isn t right Trouble Light pg 60 Pea weevil as eye headacheBarbed wire smart casualFour stroke my electronicaClay mud my hospitalRattlesnake as conciergeLanius campaign of enemiesAxe of kerf in contemplation East wind my ibuprofenDistemper DisambiguationRed oxide as verdigrisMonsanto our atelier From the inside it dresses meIn esters of phosphoric acidThe Psalms a field of grasses Rural Conflation Sonnet pg 70

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The Road In Is Not the Same Road Out Free download Æ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook review Æ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ö Karen Solie Karen Solie Ö 0 Summary Blime singer of existential bewilderment Karen Solie is one of contemporary poetry's most direct and haunting voices A poet of the in between places the purgatory of wayside motels and junkyards the abandoned Calgary ski jump and the eternal noon of Walmart her poems stake out startlingly new territory and are songs for our emerging world an age of uncertainty and melting icebergs In Solie's new collection The Road In Is Not the Same Road 5050 tossup of I didn t get this and gut punch poems

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