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  • Paperback
  • 266
  • The Mural
  • Jeffry R. Halverson
  • English
  • 26 March 2018
  • 9780692225868

Jeffry R. Halverson ✓ 6 Review

The Mural Read ↠ 6 Esperate search for the remarkable artist Anderson finds than he anticipated in the small town The eclectic townspeople like local restaurateur Abdullah Park have their own mysteries And Anderson soon finds their lives intersecting with his own Finally as the hours tick away Anderson makes a profound discovery that lies far beyond his imagination. Great wee story easy to read would recommend

Review The MuralThe Mural

The Mural Read ↠ 6 Morning on the side of a local warehouse is capturing the town’s imagination and heart With crowds rolling in to get a glimpse Anderson’s mission becomes clear find the artist responsible for this one of a kind work of art But time is running out Tensions in town are surfacing The warehouse owner threatens to whitewash the whole thing In a d. The Mural is less about the title subject than it is the effect the phenomenon has on the small Arizona town s regular and temporary inhabitants Yes it s a puzzle and celebrity all on its own but a good novel is always judged by the trials and transformations of its characters and The Mural has no shortage of goods in this respectThere is an unusual seuence in the second half which sees several chapters devoted to a secondary character which I thought interrupted the flow of the main story but it did effectively tell the story of this somewhat mysterious characterThere are a multitude of different characters in the story all easy to distinguish from one another and all with hidden backstories that slowly come to light explaining either a pivotal plot point or a personal revelation critical to the apex of the storyI started reading this novel worried that it might easily stray into spiritual waters I m happy to say that most of the novel steers clear of spiritual preaching and when the topic does appear it s done with light philosophical handlingAn enjoyable uick read and a memorable one tooFrom the author of A Drop of April Snow

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The Mural Read ↠ 6 A routine story sends one reporter on the search of a lifetime in Jeffry R Halverson’s fantastical new novel The Mural Tyler Anderson a talented young reporter for The Valley Observer in Phoenix looks forward to escaping the daily grind when he is sent to Ketchum Arizona for an exclusive scoop A mysterious mural having appeared inexplicably one. Well written and the characters well developed I enjoyed the story but got a bit distracted by the back story of the characters which I felt didn t contribute to the actual story to any extent