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Read & Download Foot Chase Ü PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Well paid worship of a dozen men before she deigns to allow him to kiss her soiled feet An outcast Goth girl shows up unexpectedly for the dance in a gorgeously slutty dress and a pair of wicked high heels made of glass As one of her longtime admirers from a distance watches she proceeds to steal the ueen's boyfriend who turns out to be a total foot perv A call girl accepts a date with a client who wants her to show up straight from the gym her pink sneakers filthy and smelly with her workout When a long distance Mistress gets a new pair of boots she sends her money slave her old ones ordering him to worship them on webcam for her and get them all dirty for the next slave in line A wife signs up for a guest starring role on an erotic Femdom foot worship website and brings her husband along He finds himself sissified humiliated and bent over on camera for two cruel Dommes while other men worship her feet A player gets himself a date for his favorite band's show with the hottest sure thing in town only to find himself dragged up onto the stage by the dominatrix turned lead singer while his.

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Read & Download Foot Chase Ü PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Eight erotic stories bring you face to face with the lower extremities of irresistible women and the male slaves who worship them If you're a submissive man explore the taste touch and smell of total submission at the feet of a beautiful woman Learn what it's like to worship at the lowest part of a Mistress's sacred corporeal form scarcely daring to dream of the taste of intimate places Careful Those thoughts might get you banished forever Below is where naughty pervs like you belong Down boy And if you're one of those Goddesses we call Dominant women or aspire to be then you're in luck Within these pages we implore you learn where a man's mouth truly belongs bowed in worship to the sole of your high heeled boot If he's a good little piggy perhaps you'll even admit the smallest of HIS lower extremities for a brief stay between your tempting tootsies though only if it pleases you Mistress And always keep in mind that a piggy should clean up his own mess A husband receives the ultimate in delicious humiliation when he must watch his dominant wife at a pay for play foot party She receives the.

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Read & Download Foot Chase Ü PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Date watches him submitting to her with growing fury Has his sure thing been blown The eight erotic stories in Foot Chase add up to than 26000 words of sensually explicit fiction Whether you're a foot fetishist or a Dominant woman a boot lover a shoe shopper or an intoxicated foot licker you'll find the smell of leather and the taste of toes in this succulent collection of forbidden tales Foot Chase is an explicit erotic foot fetish collection intended only for an adult audience that wishes to read frank descriptions of sexual behavior including domination submission oral sex anal sex erotic punishment erotic humiliation threesomes group sex commercial sex cross dressing bisexuality transsexual identities and other forms of sexual variation Do not sample buy or read it if you might find such themes offensive CONTENTS Foot Party by Brett Olsen High Heels by Elizabeth Colvin Cindy Pascarella and the Glass Stilettos by Ava Montgomery The Man Parade by Nova Thorne Filthy Pink Sneakers by Marina Cooper Two Day Air by Meredith Marshall The Cock Killers by Ian Mason Fuck Me Fruits by Thomas S Roc.

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    Read & Download ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Þ N.T. Morley N.T. Morley Þ 4 Download Free download Foot Chase Great foot domination collectionA very good selection of foot domination stories Each author describes this kink from a different angle so you won't get bored even though all these stories involves the same specific topic There were better stories than others but I enjoyed them all especially the one from Brett Olson I enjoyed all of them perhaps because foot domination is my favorite kink thus rendering my critic a tad

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