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  • Chasing Shadows Rising Shadows #2
  • Ashley Townsend
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  • 22 January 2020
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Free download Chasing Shadows Rising Shadows #2 Ashley Townsend ´ 0 Review Summary ë PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ´ Ashley Townsend Nd and the man beneath the Shadow’s hood As they work together amidst lavish balls and explore the secret depths of the castle they discover that the conspiracy runs deeper than they ever imagined And when a counterfeit Shadow claims the life of someone close to her after a personal threat from Cadius himself Sarah discovers that the price of uestioning the new regime is a life Guilt ridden and alone she discovers comfort in her newfound friendship with Damien a charming Spaniard who joins Sarah in her personal crusad. NOTE I received a free ebook copy from the author in exchange for an honest review Chasing Shadows is the second book of Ashley Townsend s series and what a seuel it isOur heroine Sarah Matthews travels from her modern day life to medieval Serimone once but this time the stakes are much higher now that the king is dead The sinister Cadius may push himself to the throne which would mean the end of happy days for SerimoneThis story gets so much deeper into the setting and characters than the first one In Rising Shadows we got to meet the characters and catch a glimpse of Serimone in this one we dive headfirst right into it I only thought I loved the characters but I had no idea how deeply until I delved into the seuel All the characters from big to small stole a little piece of my heart I can t express enough how wonderfully done their stories were told Each one explored deeper this book discovering tidbits of their pasts and how each reacts to hardships heartbreak tragedy love Dark sides within them were revealed as well as goodI just love these characters okayThe plot was also so engaging though as with the first book I felt as if there could have been a bit there Cadius our villain only came into the story about halfway through and had just two or three brief appearances I would have liked to see of him and explore his menacing plots It was sort of character driven focusing on Sarah s Will s and Damien s relationships than plot focused But like I said the characters are amazing and I adored watching their developments So nothing wrong with that But let me assure you there was still plenty of action and sinister plots to be had Sarah found herself in danger many a time The second half of the book especially had much action to keep one on the edge of their seat I was devouring pages dying to know what would happen next and how everything would lay out in the end It kept my mind churning even when I wasn t reading and stuck with me throughout the dayThe setting was also enchanting Serimone is now in the midst of winter and the imagery of snow topped buildings woods shimmering in white and warm fires inside the castle had me wanting to pack my bags find a time machine and go there myselfWhat really struck me about this novel was Townsend s ability to make me feel Whatever Sarah felt I did as well My heart literally got to pounding a few times and tears filled my eyes on multiple occasions I could see and feel everything so perfectly the whole story just came alive This author knows how to tug at her readers emotions let me tell youConclusionAshley Townsend clearly put her heart and soul into this novel Chasing Shadows is a tale of love and heartache It s engulfed in a beautiful message of how even the most broken can be repaired that God never forsakes His people and can pull them back up no matter how far they ve fallen and as Christians it s our duty to show them His love It has a cast to both laugh and cry with a beautiful setting and engaging plot with a writing style that pulls you right in and keeps you thereBasically if you like time travel a beautiful medieval setting sweet romance and a high stakes plot you need to read these books

Free download Chasing Shadows Rising Shadows #2Chasing Shadows Rising Shadows #2

Free download Chasing Shadows Rising Shadows #2 Ashley Townsend ´ 0 Review Summary ë PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ´ Ashley Townsend E for justice But as she draws closer to his dark past and to the faceless killer in their midst she realizes that the severed threads of time and the mystery surrounding Serimone Castle are unraveling rapidly weaving new tapestries of devastation In this thrilling and deceptive seuel to Rising Shadows Sarah is forced into harm’s way countless times as she races to solve the puzzle before it is too late and Serimone becomes nothing than a faded memory of the past And before Sarah becomes a permanent fixture in history. CHASING SHADOWS kept me guessing there were lots of surprises and it was overall a good and exciting adventureromance It was kind of too long for me but that s just my personal preference I felt a bit like the first half dragged somewhat with the plot seeming to get lost behind a lot of emotions and the love triangle and a lot of stuff seemed to sort of come out of nowhere But the final third picked up considerably and turned awesome and very exciting and I absolutely loved itI loved the romance it was great and went back and forth between being breathtakingly sweet to me wanting to bang the heads of both parties against the nearest hard thing and go seriously guys don t be idiots But that of course is half the fun of romance tales we like a little exasperating on the side with our heart sighing romance I personally didn t like the love triangle part of it though nothing against this book in particular I m just not a big fan of love triangles in general But I know many people would enjoy it so that s fine and it was fairly well doneI had a hard time connecting with Sarah the main character since most of the time she drove me batty by being stupid But I think that s likely just me and I have a feeling most readers would like her better And I still wanted her to win of course She did grow on me eventuallyCan we just take a moment to talk about Will now Will was awesome and fabulous and I loved him a ton and he is one of my favorite characters now He s basically a big broken strong huggable bundle of epic the perfect mix of a dark guy and a hero and an all around great guy who is just awesome and can be really sweet at times too though you wouldn t know it with his shell His struggles and confused moments only made him endearing His caring and bravery and amazingness just yes He s a mean shot with a bow too Will is basically the main reason I really liked this book It s well worth reading just for himThe Spaniard was brilliantly done and I won t give anything away but it was fascinating how he was written I have very complicated thoughtsemotions about the whole thing that I m still working on sorting outThe other characters were all very well drawn and realistic feeling from Edith to Karen and the Professor and the Joneses yay Seth to characters like Robert Particularly Robert Yes That is all I will say Also Richard I really liked Richard Even though he was sort of random I somehow thought he d be important and now I really want to read about him I m weird like that PThe medieval setting was really neat It was that sort of gritty realistic sort of medieval that is realistic than my taste would prefer but I most people seem to like their medieval settings to be that way so shrug The whole book felt very REAL though In fact at times it felt so real that it felt a bit like real life than like a novel like this was really happening to the main character Very real emotions and problems and little day to day details instead of everything being streamlined and so dramatic and novel like if you know what I mean Which was very different somehow and made me think about it so even if I wasn t used to that sort of feeling it was actually kind of coolThe level of detail was awesome I just loved how detailed everything was I could see and feel everything and felt perfectly immersed I loved the lovely settings like the castle with its ornate feeling at times and the cold but beautiful snowy forest just yes I loved being immersed and it was amazing to feel so much a part of the world I definitely felt like I was thereIt had its moments of fun and hilarity and I found myself laughing aloud a few times and uoting some particularly wonderful lines that were funny brilliant or well written Points for thatI wish the slight hints of Robin Hood stuff had been explored maybe is in Book 1 and 3 I can hope but most of what there was was cool Even small hints are a lot of funA few other little thoughts I really disliked the whole Jade plot though I can t really say much about it because of spoilers but just no I definitely feel like this is for older readers higher teens and up maybe just for some general content There were occasional touches of Christianity for those wondering if it was there I haven t read much time travel but this one was fairly neat Interesting to read anywayThis is a seuel and I haven t read the first book yet so maybe some things are explained in that Mostly though there were enough hints about the events of the first that I didn t feel lost so you don t have to read it in order to get this one I m certainly now curious about it though and want to read the preuel and the third one when it comes out to find out what happens But at the same time though I do want CHASING SHADOWS still wrapped up fairly well It left me feeling happy at the endOverall it wasn t a five star favorite for me but it earned its four stars and I absolutely loved the last third of the book Mostly the problems I had with it were my personal preference and I feel like many others would enjoy it If you like time travel medieval tales realistic feeling settings with a bit of grittiness a love triangle and sweet romance with a touch of Robin Hood and intrigue and adventure in castle rooms and snowy forests this is the book for youI received a complimentary PDF from the author in return for my honest review Thank you I wasn t reuired to be positive and these thoughts are entirely my own

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Free download Chasing Shadows Rising Shadows #2 Ashley Townsend ´ 0 Review Summary ë PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ´ Ashley Townsend Would you choose to entwine your fate with a hero of the past even if it meant altering the futureThe murder of an ancient king spurs Sarah Matthews to travel back in time putting her life in jeopardy as she races against the clock to solve a thousand year old mystery and pick up the pieces of her star crossed romance Her return to Serimone reveals that the kingdom is in upheaval and that the elusive Cadius has sinister plans for the throne Unable to right the empire alone Sarah reunites with Will the love she left behi. A lovely seuel to Rising Shadows by Ashley Townsend Chasing Shadows deepened the storyline drew me nearer to the characters grew a certain love story Sarah Matthews is trying to forget her time travel experience College is about to start and she s in a frenzy to prepare for moving out her room a mess But in a whole different realm a royal has died foul play is suspected and a young man longs for Sarah to return She wistfully keeps a special necklace but would have never expected the person who arrives on her doorstep one dayIn Serimone new adventures and escapades abound New romantic interests danger suspense sweetness and working through tangled relationshipsWhat Sarah thought was in the past is definitely not over yetAlright so the beginning of Chasing Shadows could feel a little long But not exactly dragging because by the end of this book I just feel it s a beautiful epic exciting story that you can t wait to dive back into Something about long books where you re simply getting to know the characters a bit before you really get into the action they re great I really enjoyed going back to Chasing Shadows pages again and again and am so happy that it graces my bookshelf I also felt that came about smoothly clearer and satisfactory than the first book so good job Ashley Townsend Excited to see where Defying Shadows brings usSarah I got way frustrated with her in this book That horrid love triangle I just do not understand girls who lead on two guys for like forever Think Katniss and Gale and Peeta Grrr So there were a few times when I wanted to give Sarah a good talking to Ha Like stop fooling around and acting so oblivious and silly and fight for the man who you truly love But I will say by the end of the book I understood a lot why Sarah acted the way she did It wasn t really so much a love triangle after all Well you ll see In any case I do see why Sarah did what she did It s understandable So there was a little bit of a warning theme of guarding one s heart which I appreciatedI loved getting to know Will even better and delving into his character Sigh There were a few instances when he really needed to step up and take the lead I think but overall he was sweet heroic strong and just swoon y wink Haha But truly he s a really valiant young man who has a tragic past and is broken on the inside but too stubborn to let himself be healed Really rooting for this guy and hoping for really beautiful things to come in the next bookOf course we have Seth and Karen each who I liked even better in this book A new dashing young man is introduced Damien The charming wealthy fun loving guy who causes all kinds of complications in this story grins Are you intrigued yet You should be There were a few other new characters too who were all fun to meet Not sure yet what to think of Jade and the rather shocking revelation of her Eek What can this all meanAs for romance besides the love triangle deal I really enjoyed it There were sweet moments funny moments heart rending moments exciting moments I liked how Ashley Townsend explored their feelings in the awkward and the good moments There was uncomfortableness Caution Tenderness I enjoyed a certain young man s chivalry and how he was gentlemanly with Sarah and concerned about her reputation and whatnot That all being said I would recommend at least sixteen and up as for audience for Chasing Shadows Some compromising situations are indicated scandal mentioned time and again awkward moments muddled through Yeah The main character is eighteen so it s probably actually suitable for that age and up But then again this series probably has a YA feel So whatever I didn t feel that there was anything inappropriate or even overly sensual Overall very sweet Though uite real at timesThere was a little of a violentgruesome element than the first book We have murderers on the loose and uite a few intense and a bit gory scenes Nothing radical But it s definitely a higher level than Rising ShadowsI sort of felt that Chasing Shadows dipped in and out of having a faith theme There were some really deep parts like Sarah explaining her devotion to God to a uestioning servant That was raw and real And there were other parts like talking to Will about God still waiting for him to return prayer and trusting God But it was kind of sporadic It didn t really bother me too much There were two instances of swearing which I was slightly surprised to find And then there were three or four times where it seemed God s name was being used carelessly I was confused about why Sarah would be misusing the name of the God she was so dedicated to Maybe I read it wrong Overall I very much appreciated the Christian aspect of Chasing Shadows Though it was perhaps a little irregular than Rising Shadows it still had some poignant and beautiful faith moments and thoughts I think the end ish was pretty strong and steady too on that matterBut all in all time travel medieval world masked balls terrifying escapades gallant sweethearts EEP It s just so much fun I love Serimone and these characters So yes filled with romance action adventure and suspense A plan to uncloak a murderer A longing to fall in love in the past It was a thrilling adventure Despite the slow beginning and some misgivings I ultimately adored this book and couldn t help but give it five stars And it seems there s fantastic journeys to come So excited for Defying Shadows