Under the Sea Adventure (KINDLE)

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Download ↠ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Á Louise Folger

Under the Sea Adventure

characters Under the Sea Adventure 107 Animals and Marine Life Under the Sea When you were young did you read stories about sea animals Did you get swept away with tales of adventure about sea creatures under the sea With this book your child can have an adventure under the sea and learn about marine life They will join young explorers on a trip in a little red submarine on a trip to the bottom of the sea On their journey they will encounter many sea animals such as sharks dolphins and even a mermaid In addition they will find some strange sea creatures that they will have to watch out for in order to stay out of trouble Your child will have fun while learning about the amazing sea animals they encounter At the end of the bo

characters Under the Sea Adventure

characters Under the Sea Adventure 107 E environment EXCERPT Hurry Look over there A giant whale just lifted his tail in the air A blowhole to breath is used by this large creature This really is an amazing adventure Children are our future and we must teach them to protect our marine life Stories about sea animals can educate children about nature and teach them to respect it According to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization about seventy percent of the world's fish stock is exploited and some has been depleted Some of the causes of this are plastics thrown in the ocean overfishing pollution and sewage dumps Each of us can do our part to protect sea animals Click Look Inside at the top of the page for detail

Download ↠ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Á Louise Folger

characters Under the Sea Adventure 107 Ok is a reminder to children and adults that marine life is important to our future and that we should protect it In the book you will also find some easy tips about things you and your child can do to conserve nature Have fun reading to your child while teaching them about sea life and to respect nature This is an entertaining book about marine life that your child will love Get this book if you want to educate and entertain your child about marine life and protecting the environment Click Look Inside above to find out about this book DETAILS 1 Age 3 8 years old 2 Rhymes 3 Colorful pictures 4 Learn the names and characteristics of sea animals 5 Tips on how to protect marine Life and th

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  • Under the Sea Adventure
  • Louise Folger
  • English
  • 07 May 2020
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