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  • Superheroes
  • John Varley
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  • 13 July 2019
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Characters » Superheroes ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Some come from distant planets Others come from Mother Earth Some gain their powers from radiation cosmic rays or toxic waste Others are supreme athletes driven by superhuman dedication They take colorful names Don colorful capes And they save us from ourselvesContentsIntroduction John Varley A clean sweep Laurell K Hamilton Time for a hero Brain M Thomsen Peer review Michael A Stackpole Shadow storm Micky Zu. excerpted from my blogEnough with the picture books what about prose Comic books had their resurgence and then flamed out so badly that it was difficult to find a comic book store let alone a prose novel but in 1995 John Varley put out an anthology of short stories called SUPERHEROES The fact that the title was available illustrates how unsaturated the market wasI borrowed the book from a friend We had grown up pondering what would you do if you had superpowers or what is the worst superpower This book played with these topics and lead me to consider I can t list specific stories but certain scenes are still vivid in my memory One superhero confronting another who has turned his powers on his unfaithful wife A villainess breaking a hero s heart on a tropical beach The most provocative was the story of a hero from another world with a determined fan who learns too late that his human appearance is only skin deepThe anthology was edited by John Varley who wrote the excellent sci fi epic DEMON and Ricia Mainhardt with stories from genre veterans including Roger Zelazny Alan Dean Foster Laurell K Hamilton Mike Resnick Richard Lee Byers and Michael A StackpoleHow dark Contents include skeletonized victims arson secret alien supermen child murder and publicists

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Characters » Superheroes ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Gh glass Roger Zelazny God save the king PJ Beese and Todd Cameron Hamilton Contract hit Richard A Knaak Origin story Dwight R Decker Tu uoue John DeChancie Theme music man Jody Lynn Nye Bicycle superhero Dennis O'Neil Captain Asimov Steve Antczak Press conference Brad Linaweaver Basic training Jerry Bingham One of the boys Lawrence Watt Evans Truth justice and the politically correct socialist path John Varl. John Varley admits in the introduction that he never read comic books as a kid He collected stamps instead He did however have a cute idea for a story about Superman in Russia Might as well edit a book of superhero fiction and get the thing published Why not

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Characters » Superheroes ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Cker Reichert Empowered Alan Dean Foster Handing on the goggles BW Clough She who might be obeyed Roland J Green and Frieda A Murray And the sea shall cast him out William Marden The defender of central park Josepha Sherman Reflected glory Paul Kupperberg Super acorns Mike Resnick and Lawrence Schimel Vets Richard Lee Byers to be continued Continued Four tales of many names Gerald Hausman The long crawl of hu. Pretty disappointing stuff when you think of what people like Alan Moore Warren Ellis Mark Millar and even Kurt Busiek have done with the idea of considering super powered humans in the real world Alongside things like Marvels Ruins The Authority Stormwatch Astro City et al this is generally unremarkable stuff A better bet is Soon I Shall Become Invinciblelarry Niven s Man of Steel Woman of Kleenex is worth a look as wellhttpwwwrawbwcomsvwsupermanhtml