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Catherine Parker-Littler ↠ 9 READ READ Ask a Midwife ´ E-book, or Kindle E-pub After I give birth but will it affect my baby Mothers to be will benefit from the expert yet compassionate advice to uestions they may feel uncomfortable asking their doctor such as. I picked up this book at a used book store after finding out I m pregnant for the first time It s written in an accessible style although the responses to some of the uestions are not super in depth Since I m a first timer a lot of times I don t even know what uestions I should be asking so I ve found it useful to give me a starting point for asking uestions to my doctor and for Googling in order to find out information

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Ask a Midwife

Catherine Parker-Littler ↠ 9 READ READ Ask a Midwife ´ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Here are answers to every kind of uestion from the practical I'm really overweight is it safe to diet while I'm pregnant to the emotional I want to go back to work as soon as possible. This book was all A based on the stages of pregnancy labor birth and postnatal care I didn t find it to be midwife centered It actually talked about hospital birth as the norm instead of a birth center or home birthNotesDo not eat foods that could contain listeria such as pate unwashed salads raw milk and blue veined or mold ripened cheeses feta chevre camembert brie ueso blanco fresco The cheese can be eaten if they are cooked through and hot Eat a well balanced diet Avoid high amounts of salt and do not drink alcoholAvoid gymnastics horseback riding downhill skiing and scuba diving for risk of falling and hurting your abdomenDo kegels to strengthen your pelvic floor in preparation for birth After the birth it helps to re strengthen those musclesStarting around the 34th week of pregnancy do perineal massage to increase flexibility and prevent tearingYou are not eating for two You only consumer and extra 200 300 calories per dayWrite a birth plan together with your partnerWhen considering a baby mattress it needs to fit properly with no gaps be clean dry and well aired as well as firmA changing mat can be waterproof so that it wipes down easilyHave wooden toys instead of plasticEssential Items clothes diapers crib or moses basket lightweight blankets sheets or newborn baby sleeping bags carriage or stroller baby carrier or sling car seatClothing 3 or 4 tee shirts 4 or 5 all in one onesies or bodysuits with front opening snaps snowsuit or jackets or cardigan depending on the season wool or fleece hat for winter light hat for summer loose fitting booties or cotton socks blanket or shawl for outdoorsChoose onesies with envelope necks and bodysuits with front opening snaps Change the clothes just morning and night unless they get soiledReusable Diapers non bleached washed in cold water with white vinegar and bicarbonate of soda use organic cotton balls or pads with water instead of baby wipesCommon Newborn Rashes small red spots all over skin except palms and soles no problem it happens to 50% of all newborns pinheaded white spots on nose and cheeks or all of the face no problem just blocked pores happens to 40% of all newbornsGetting a vitamin K shot for the baby helps the blood clot You can decline this if you want If not there is a small risk they could suffer internal bleedingAfter labor for mothers it is normal to feel euphoria at meeting baby relief that labor birth are behind you tearfulness brought on by fatigue anxiety at prospect of caring for the baby protective or overwhelmedBenefits of breastfeeding breast milk protects babies from infection reduces risk of some diseases thought to increase a child s I later in life reduces risk of allergies greater benefits for mother such as increased weight lossGet a good start on breastfeeding skin to skin contact as soon as baby is born good positioning and attachment ensure baby can reach breast without stretching or turning move baby to breast not vice versa feed on demand avoid supplements of water or formula try to relax avoid giving bottles or pacifiers as this causes nipple confusion until much laterDon t get discouraged if baby doesn t latch on right away after birth Some are sleepy Babies have enough nutrients to last them for a whileFeed baby on demand not a scheduleBabies will eat freuently because they have tiny stomachs Somedays they are hungrier than others Make sure baby empties each breast because the milk at the end has fat If you feed on demand baby will sleep longer at night Continue to feed on demand until you start on solid foodWait to bottle feed expressed milk til around 4 6 weeksAlleviate discomfort while breastfeeding make sure baby latches on properly if breasts are engorged express some milk first keep nipples dry between feeding let them get air and use pads to soak up leaks relieve sore nipples with a chilled cabbage leaf instead of creamsAvoid mastitis don t stop breastfeeding express little and often feed baby little and often place warm washcloth on sore breasts begin each feeding from the sore sideWhen you are out take a change of clothes bra and pads in case of leaksCan use a plastic tub for a baby bath instead of a fancy one since they grow out of it in 6 months Bathe a baby in a warm draft free room with warm water temp should be 85 degrees F test with elbow or wrist if not thermometerand everything you need right there Talk to baby to soothe them Leave the vernix waxy substance when first born on the baby as it is an awesome moisturizer and will soak into the baby s skin Use a soft cloth and water to bathe baby the first couple of days For bathing a baby use nothing other than water til 1 month old Can use veggie or olive oil to massage a baby if their skin is dry Do not use any products with sulfur or perfumes A pH neutral product is acceptable but plain water is best Use a cotton ball to wipe away secretions are the eyes and nose Wipe from the inner to outer corners and use a new ball for each eye Make sure to dry the skin creases Do not powder the diaper area Avoid baby wipesKeep the house temperature between 65 and 70 degrees F To check the baby temperature place the back of the hand on the chest It should feel warm Add or remove layers of clothing as neededUNICEF recommends baby share room with parents for first 6 months to sustain breastfeeding and prevent crib deathIn the crib a baby should be on their back with feet pointing to the bottom of the crib Use light cotton sheets and blankets tucked under the baby s armsSwaddling may help prevent the startle reflex in a baby when they suddenly move their arms and they wake up from sleep because of itAt 6 weeks a sleep pattern forms At 4 months babies will sleep 2x longer through the night than during the dayBabies will turn their heads if they are sick vomit so it is okay for them to sleep on their backAt 6 weeks start making a routine Encourage activity during the day Respond to night wakings with minimal fuss in the dark Evening seuence could be a warm bath massage fedding then put down in the crib Be consistent with thisSome reasons why babies cry being overstimulated take a skin to skin bath being uncomfortable try burping being wet change diaper being cold or hot change clothing or room temp wanting comfort try swaddling boredom talk sing play with babyAfter baby is born take naps when your baby does avoid heavy lifting take things at your own pace do not worry about chores do not feel you have to entertain visitorsReduce risk of SIDS do not let anyone smoke near your baby do not smoke during pregnancy place baby on back to sleep do not let baby get too hot keep head uncovered indoors place baby with feet to foot of crib never sleep with baby on sofa or chair safest place for baby to sleep is crib not your bed breast feed your baby settle baby to sleep with pacifier after breast feeding is establishedSigns that a baby is hungry rooting crying sucking on handsGive babies time of their front or supported sitting while supervised and awakeHaving baby blues for 1 week is normal Longer than that is not See your docSome ways to avoid postpartum depression make arrangements before birth for household duties purchase a few weeks supply of nutritious food communicate with partner enlist support of family and friendsBaby play sing to baby play peekaboo listen to music rocking and patting in time to the beat stroke different fabricstextures against hands and armBabies like black and white at first then bright colors with detail They cannot distinguish pastels very wellKeep communicating with partner Spend an evening out together Find uiet time to talk when baby is asleep Hold hands Cuddle

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Catherine Parker-Littler ↠ 9 READ READ Ask a Midwife ´ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Whether artificial tanning will harm their baby or whether they are likely to pass stools when giving birth This ideal pregnancy companion will inform and reassure all expectant mothe. Very biased against lay midwives