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  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 281
  • November Mourns
  • Tom Piccirilli
  • English
  • 22 May 2020
  • 9780553587203

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November Mourns Free read ä PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Two years ago Shad Jenkins went to prison for assaulting his sister’s attacker Now he has returned to the southern mountain town of Moon Run Hollow only to find that Megan is dead No one knows how she died–or why she was found on Gospel Trail Road a dirt path leading up to the gorge high above the Chatalaha River where v. Interestingly odd tale from Piccirilli centered around a man who returns to his small village town after serving time in prison to find out how his sister died while he was away The local characters are bizarre to say the least and the mystery as it unfolds is sometimes frustrating sometimes fascinating with than a hint of the supernatural or otherworldly at play here The resolution is a bit murky but certainly fits the story and leaves the reader with something to think about which is never a bad thing Not great but not bad either It s a short read so worth the effort even if not Piccirilli s best

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November Mourns Free read ä PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ??s suffered from since childhood have taken on an eerie urgency revealing to Shad the nightmarish form of an unseen adversary Plagued by the wraiths that haunt the hollow Shad finds himself increasingly unsure of his own sanity as he begins to piece together what may have happened to his sister–and who exactly his enemy i. Another winner from Tom Piccirilli If you enjoy his other books you will love this surreal noirhorror tale He is truly an original and I m sad I have read most of his books

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November Mourns Free read ä PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ictims of yellow fever were once brought to die Navigating a world filled with abnormal children and clandestine snake handlers one that is slowly being poisoned by illegal moonshine Shad must pierce the townsfolk’s superstitions and terrible secrets to find out the truth about his sister’s death But the Blood Dreams he?. As always Tom s writing is top notch He s an incredible talent with a truly original voice You could read any paragraph in this book and know immediately that it was a Tom Piccirilli novel Although November Mourns has a very intriguing dark mystery at it s core the setup seems a bit tired a man returns home to investigate the death of his sister Been there Done that But Tom always makes it interesting and throws a few curve balls in the mix His imagery is like poetry and I found myself re reading passages in awe of his uniue language If you re ready to experience a mature level of darkness in the horror genre give this a try