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  • Private Conversations in Neverland with Michael Jackson
  • William B. Van Valin II
  • English
  • 11 August 2019
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review Private Conversations in Neverland with Michael Jackson Read Ñ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Î William B. Van Valin II William B. Van Valin II Î 4 Download S and his candid view of such acknowledgements; the nightly menu at the Neverland dinner table; the origin of the Moon Walk dance; his curiosity of the deceased that had him at Barney's mother's death bed; Michael's ghost; mystery behind Billie Jean; and his candid opinion of his father Joe and mother Katherine A must read for any Michael Jackson f. As a visitor to Neverland myself I read this book intrigued by others who ve visited Michael Jackson s estate Van Valin II creates strong emotional connections for the reader through vivid descriptions of his own personal experiences in the many years he and his family have befriend Jackson Abundant with humor tragedy scandal and forgiveness this intimate memoir is a must read for those who wish to find a most intimate portrait of one music s timeless legendsMy only negative critiue is the improper formatting inconsistent paragraph spacing and several grammatical and spelling errors Most readers shouldn t be deterred from picking up this story though because the content itself is rich and illuminating

review Private Conversations in Neverland with Michael JacksonPrivate Conversations in Neverland with Michael Jackson

review Private Conversations in Neverland with Michael Jackson Read Ñ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Î William B. Van Valin II William B. Van Valin II Î 4 Download Home of Dr Van Valin sharing time with his family The book takes you inside Neverland Ranch from the dinner table to the extravagant game room carnival rides theater to sitting in bed watching movies with Michael Jackson and Elizabeth Taylor You will read of the absence of memorabilia in his home from gold records to photographs of world dignitarie. Doctor Van valin s writing style was very simplechildlikedescribing the situations and dialogues as a child wouldjust describing that special friendship See you in heavenApplehead

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review Private Conversations in Neverland with Michael Jackson Read Ñ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Î William B. Van Valin II William B. Van Valin II Î 4 Download An insightful journey into the friendship between Barney Van Valin a rural farmland physician and music icon Michael Jackson You will read about the close friendship from their first meeting to the mysterious and sudden end of their conversations after five years Michael spent countless hours away from the opulent Neverland Ranch inside the humble. The story begins when Michael Jackson was looking for a local doctor who would make house calls and happened to find Dr Van Valin s name in the local phone book Michael paid a visit to the clinic and they bonded over their passion for antiues which led to Michael inviting Dr Van Valin to the Neverland Ranch it s a four year old tale of friendship between Barney Dr Van Valin and his friend MichaelI ve seen this book around for 4 years but I somehow was never in rush to pick it up Perhaps because I prefer to read academic and the books that focuses on analyzing his magnificent art However I long to read such delightful books like Barney s whenever missing him becomes unbearableNow what s so good about this book is the lack of dreadful commentaries by the author that s rare because there are many good books on Michael that the terrible commentaries by the bitter authors ruined the beauty of the content Eg The Michael Jackson Tapes and My Friend MichaelBarney is sincere and genuinely cherishes the friendship that they ve shared Also the connection that the author establishes with the reader adds to the journeyThe book cover is beautiful it shows the gates of Neverland Ranch which suggests to the reader that when the book is opened you will be granted a uick visit to the Ranch it s smart and invitingThe stories are divided into thirty anecdotes each story takes up a page or barely two pages they vary from fun and humorous to touching and reflectingThe story that touched me the most is the one about Dave Dave David Rothenberg for it shows the depth of Michael s compassion and how far he s willing to go to ease other people s painAlthough this is a very small book 91 pages but it sheds a light into Michael s personality than the other 500 page books out there It shows his sense of humor generosity compassion philosophy fatherhood intelligence humility wealth and strengthTwo things that this book proves that Michael never inflicted his pain on others Although he was going through hell during the trial but he never inflicted his misery upon the Van Valin s family He remained upbeat and handled his pain with grace like the champion that he was And the testimony of Dr Van Valin regarding the erroneous accusation with children Just for the record my family and I never believed Michael molested or was inappropriate with any children We knew ours were safe with him and we allowed them to spend time with him whenever they wanted Nothing I ever observed would have suggested and nothing I knew about this man would ever have allowed that the inference of any such behavior could possibly be attributed to him This book actually debunks the horrendous theories that the media have been planting that Michael only struck friendship with adults to get to their kids Wrong Michael and Barney were almost always together late at night watching movies going rendezvous discussing antiuesbooks etc Yes there were fun times when they went for rides ate snacks played games and watched cartoons but that was only a little part comparing to the amount of times they spent discussing art and architecture This proves yet again that Michael DUH was perfectly capable of maintaining an adult friendship not like what the media is trying to falsely paint All in all it s intimate sincere and delightful A must have for any Michael Jackson fans and a must read for those who wants to simply see Michael Jackson the human being beyond the remarkable artist