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Surviving Elite High Surviving Elite High #1 Free read ¹ 104 John H. Ames Ñ 4 Free download Ents a teacher enrolls him in a tutoring program where he meets the school's star uarterback and hero Nick Anthony Hawking Since he was doing poorly in several subjects Nick needs John's help to pass and graduate high school As John becomes closer to the jock he develops a strong affection towar. The growing up process sucks enough as it is so getting bullied at school is another cross to bear its one scary place to be for unpopular teens Expect uite a bit of angst and tears and a lot of emotional ups and downs when reading this romance Its not all doom and gloom though you also get some really interesting and likable female friends the gossips sessions the bitchy digs the love and affection shown for John is both lovely and crazy Madison and Kitty are a great addition to this story and pure fun to have around John is so shy and insecure but really adorable I wanted to protect him from the big bad wolves luckily Nick come along and does that even if he is one big douche bag I had a love hate relationship for Nick he is a complete jerk who needed John to set him straight he does redeem himself later onbut still hmm I loved John and Nick together they are a sweet couple and good for each other there is a long and difficult road ahead for both of them and its not going to be easy but I have faith and believe this first love will work Wonderful and sad be prepared to have your emotions twisted into knots

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Surviving Elite High Surviving Elite High #1

Surviving Elite High Surviving Elite High #1 Free read ¹ 104 John H. Ames Ñ 4 Free download A new and better editionJohn Henry Ames is a sixteen year old boy from a small New Jersey town John is humble shy and studious He lives as an outcast in the shadows of an elite high school where he is tormented by two psychopathic bulliesOn the verge of dropping out of school due to overdue paym. Surviving Elite High is a jocknerd love story told in first person by the central character John The story chronicles the development of a teen romance involving the shy self effacing narrator with the jock football hero he s tutoring Elite High has several uniue plot twists that include a school shooting a tempting love interest who threatens the primary romance and a psychotic ex girlfriend Ames writing style is endearing and captivating The emotion seems to leap through the pages and this story honestly touched me far deeper than most of the professionally editedpublished novels I ve read recently Please watch for this aspiring author He s an amazing talent I ll be reading any future releases as soon as I can get my hands on them

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Surviving Elite High Surviving Elite High #1 Free read ¹ 104 John H. Ames Ñ 4 Free download Ds him even though Nick has a strong reputation of sleeping around with a lot of women Nick becomes his friend and protector in school Their sincere friendship helps to bring out the best in each of them even as several tragedies like a school shooting threaten to change their young lives foreve. Free online Urban dictionary definition of badass1 Badass A badass isn t someone wears ripped leather jackets a badass isn t someone who breaks stuff to look tough and a badass isn t someone who fights for the fun of fighting That s the definition of a poser Being a badass is completely differentUnspoken Rules of Being Badass 1 First rule of being a badass A badass does not talk about being a badass Period2 Second rule of being a badass a badass does not try to be a badass or look tough A badass simply is a badass3 A badass stays true to themselves always This means being themselves for themselves and not being fake to impress others4 A badass does not give up Badasses will always push themselves for the better no matter how hard it gets5 A badass is not a jerk A badass does not prey on the weak and shows kindness in return to those who are kind6 A badass knows hisher limits Don t be stupid you re not Superman you ll die if you jump off a building7 A badass does not make enemies or go looking for fights They do not fights that aren t worth fighting eitherAny breaking of these rules is grounds revoking of the status of being a badass If this happens a badass must once again prove they are worthy of being badass by following the rulesWhy I m laughing and posting the definition of badassSimple reason Nick on the phone Tell Isabelle to shut the fuck up because she went down on my dick for the last two weeksMy jaw dropped open Nick was such a bad ass No John the narrator s name You are wrong Nick is not a badass He is arrogant a prick and also vicious when he said in another comment how women get out of his bed begging for mercy or crawling out bed on a wheelchairThis book is not for me I liked the enthusiasm telling the story but hate the womanizer main character possible partner Nick How could I want to read a story with someone like him BTW that phone call Nick is talking to his ex girlfriend Oh yeah Great person huh Because just ignore the call is not enough He is a badass and so Better talk about how many friends of his ex he had sex On her face saying it Such a badass no I like to read a story when a bad guy will redeem himself and became a better person but in this case I can t Nick irritated me too much I will compile a petition to revoke his badass club membership Who is with meeeeee XDSo Let s me say I like John the protagonist a lot and also the enthusiasm I could feel reading the story but the bad writting and the asshole Nick were the reasons I m giving up I knew it s a self published story so I must admit I could even ignore mistakes but I can t ignore an asshole characterYeah asshole not badass I know I know it s a matter of semantics Let s just call him an ass