No Life for a Lady Women of the West) [Pdf/E–book] µ Agnes Morley Cleaveland

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  • No Life for a Lady Women of the West
  • Agnes Morley Cleaveland
  • English
  • 10 May 2018
  • 9780803258686

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No Life for a Lady Women of the West Download ✓ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook When Agnes Morley Cleaveland was born on a New Mexico cattle ranch in 1874 the term Wild West was a reality not. On a recent trip to Santa Fe New Mexico we visited the New Mexico Museum of History This museum impressed me for two reasons First it was able to take hundreds of years of history and put it together in a way that was not overwhelming with billions of factoids Second women are prominently displayed and recognized for their contributions to New Mexican history This is where I met Agnes Morley Cleaveland Agnes lived from 1875 to 1958 born and raised in the New Mexican frontier Her claim to fame is clearly documenting frontier life in New Mexico before it was lost Through her life experiences and that of her family members she documents travel by horse and wagon living on the frontier with Indians times than not friendly Indians though close by evidence existed of not so friendly times being sent east to be educated what a balanced diet consisted of the availability or not of medical care the arrival of the trains cowboys wearing 6 shooters up through the 1930s cattle and sheep ranching the arrival of farmers and so much It was interesting to see perception of women change from her mother s time when women needed men to take care of things to women earning respect of the men because they could ride and herd with the best of them Reading the details one comes to understand that the wild west was anything but the Hollywood glamorization of it Arriving back in New Mexico immediately after reading it and again surveying the country I am impressed by those who came and successfully settled understanding why many did not succeed It is a beautiful landscape which the author does not fully capture in her writing since her goal is mainly to document the details of living which attracts a uniue individual Agnes one of those uniue people earned her place in the New Mexico Museum as a historian who knew and understand a way of life was changing and would be lost if not captured

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No Life for a Lady Women of the West Download ✓ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook T on the occasion and young ladies thought nothing of punching cows and hunting grizzlies in between school term. Exhiliriating So different than anything I have read recently Loved hearing about a woman riding horseback all over the New Mexico territory 8 years old and riding 20 miles alone to get the mail and bear hunting on horseback as an adult

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No Life for a Lady Women of the West Download ✓ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook A cliché In those days cowboys didn't know they were picturesue horse rustlers were to be handled as seemed bes. Since I grew up on a sheep ranch much like the New Mexico ranch this author lived on I connected with her story If you like books about the west this is a must read