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Kalayna Price ´ 9 Summary

Grave Ransom Free download ¸ 109 Kalayna Price ´ 9 Summary T reanimated corpses are committing crimes across Nekros CityAlex’s investigation leads her deep into a web of sinister magic When Briar Darue of the Magical Crimes Investigation It was alright although nothing much happened apart from the standard investigation of the week plot Alex spent most of her time being everyone s doormatpunch bag She couldn t go an hour without someone blaming her for something and she couldn t go a minute before doing the whole self blame martyr always feeling guilty constantly apologetic looking for approval from people who think the worst of her doormat routine I d honestly rather Alex was unapologetic and self serving Didn t like how DeathAlex s relationship was handled it seemed like the author just wanted to write him out and make him a bit part character There was no development or drama between them it was all very mehStill couldn t stand Falin Alex was an idiot for being all pally pally for him when he was still the winter ueen s main bitch and wasn t ultimately loyal to Alex

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Grave Ransom Free download ¸ 109 Kalayna Price ´ 9 Summary Grave witch Alex Craft is no stranger to the dead talking She raises shades works with ghosts and is dating Death himself But the dead walking That’s not supposed to happen And ye Oddly this felt like a standalone All the usual characters were there but all of their roles were fairly insignificant except for Alex Alex worked on an interesting case with Briar the bitch Man I hated her The case was the focal point of the entire book Only one remotely significant thing happened in relation to the overarching plot It was weird All of the drama with faerie and the soul collectors was largely forgotten It was mentioned but didn t go anywhere I liked the book but was expecting to get out of it The love triangle drama pissed me off Actually there was next to no drama That was part of the problem Things are clearly going badly with Alex and Death Why is Alex so blase about it He s supposed to be her oldest friend one of her best confidants They ve put their lives on the line for each other several times I know Alex is afraid of commitment but this is ridiculous Couldn t there at least be a valid reason for their ambivalence towards each other Death is probably doing it as a reaction to Alex s behavior Alex hates it that Death can t tell her certain things although she knows he has rules he must follow The situation with Falin is no different He s beholden to the fae ueen Both of the men in her life are someone else s puppet Why doesn t she just pick one instead of picking one then doing nothing but focusing on petty bullshit The whole situation is frustrating It was handled poorly in this installment The romance was barely there which was fine but when it was I felt nothing but detached I wanted from this The world is fascinating but there wasn t any growth or progress Honestly I m not looking forward to the next one I will read it but I m not excited at all

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Grave Ransom Free download ¸ 109 Kalayna Price ´ 9 Summary Bureau gets involved Alex finds herself with an unexpected ally of sorts But as the dead continue to rise and wreak havoc on the living can Alex get to the soul of the matter in tim Very nice entry to the series Price is so far staying true to the tone of the previous books The case this timewell there s several things going on but it starts when a young woman hires Alex to find her missing boyfriend When Alex does find him it s just in time to see him killedand a female ghost pops out of his body Alex spends most of the book working with the magical crimes agent Briar Darue There are lots of twists and turns as they try to get to the bottom of the mystery There are also a lot of weird happenings that left me wondering even as I knew it would lead back to the original case eventually It just seemed to take an inordinately long time pulling the threads together Still it was all good and I enjoyed the read It s definitely an inventive tale with very good wordbuildingIt s taken me until this book to realize what is different about this series from other series of this type There is really not much in the way of an overarching plotline to the series there is just a new case to be solved each book Sure the gang is all there and the vagueness of the love triangle but these things are never deeply explored It s just the case at hand Not that this is a bad thing mind you it s just an observation There is an event at the end that portends a change in the next book but it s something that felt a bit tacked on to keep the reader interest

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