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Read & download Autobiography of Yukichi Fukuzawa Autobiography of Yukichi Fukuzawa Free read Å 100 The educator of the new Japan the man who above all others explained to his countrymen the ideas behind the dazzling material evidence of Western civilization Dictated by Fukuzawa in 1897 this book vividly relates his story from his childhood as a member of the lower samurai class in a small caste bound village His escape from the hopeless destiny decreed by h. It was very boring

Read & download Autobiography of Yukichi Fukuzawa

Autobiography of Yukichi Fukuzawa

Read & download Autobiography of Yukichi Fukuzawa Autobiography of Yukichi Fukuzawa Free read Å 100 Here is the autobiography of a remarkable man Yukichi Fukuzawa's life covered the 66 years between 1835 and 1901 a period which comprised greater and extraordinary changes than any other in the history of Japan In his country's swift transformation from an isolated feudal state to a full fledged member of the modern world Fukuzawa played a leading role he was. Right So I went into this book basically because I was impressed with some excerpts a YouTuber read from the three trips to the west that Yukichi Fukuzawa made I didn t know much else about the guy but I was hoping for of his thoughts on these trips Sad to say I was in for some major disappointment there The videos had covered basically all of those portions of the book which was not even a moderate portion of the book That s fair though since they don t seem to be the biggest part of his life as I now knowSo yeah that disappointment aside how was the book I d say it was intriguing getting a firsthand account of Japan s transition out of isolation Reading a general history on the subject is all fine and good but you don t always get a real sense of things that way where this adds a lot of flavor to the settings The down side is that sometimes his opinions of a person or event can make something that should probably be important sounds extremely trivial and vice versa Fukuzawa can also come across a bit full of himself at times even when he tries to downplay it and if I went back through I could probably find a few times where he contradicts himself talking about the same events at two places in the bookThe best way to really explain this is to picture the book a lot like sitting around as a kid listening to your Grandfather talk about his time in the army or college or wherever he was up until about the age of 40 I know that s about what it felt like to me reading this book Sometimes it s kinda cool hearing a specific story but sometimes you find yourself wishing you could be anywhere else but thereThe formatting of the book doesn t help this any either It s broken up into chapters but the chapters are themselves apparently broken up into a random number of sections though it s hard to tell where these are as they aren t labeled well or divided from each other There will just be the occasional bold heading forcing a block into the left side of the text and you ll notice the flow of the text just skips to a new thing with no transition and no separation of paragraphs to indicate a new section is starting It makes no sense to me why it s organized this way but it is what it is and you get used to it after a whileAlso while this does do a decent job of keeping notes in the back on important names events and a couple cultural things that pop up in the text there were uite a few things that were not noted or explained that some readers might not get I only understood them because I m a big anime fan and run across these cultural things enough to have long since learned what they are So don t be surprised if you have to occasionally Google something random Bon festival because the book thinks you ll magically know what it is while still bothering to note much well known things like samuraiOh and there is also this long essay after the main text analyzing Fukuzawa s work but honestly I came here for the autobiography and not to read someone s thesis on a historical icon so I skipped it If that s your thing great It s there for you I felt no need to read itThe only other big gripe I can even come up with is that there is only one picture of Fukuzawa I may be kidding myself but I d think there would be or at least relevant pictures from the times to flesh out the image he paints a bit Not a big deal but a missed opportunity for sureAll told though I will say it s a decent book A bit boring at times but also fairly interesting at others If you re intrigued by Japanese history this is definitely something that should be read It covers that transition out of isolation well and does tell enough good stories to make it mostly entertaining

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Read & download Autobiography of Yukichi Fukuzawa Autobiography of Yukichi Fukuzawa Free read Å 100 Is social position his adventures as a student of Dutch the language of the only Westerners allowed in Japan his travels aboard the first Japanese ship to sail to America all prepared Fukuzawa to write Seiyo Jijo Things Western the book which made him famous His special perspective on Japan's tempestuous 19th century gives Fukuzawa's life story added fascinati. A fantastic autobiography on a man who basically made modern Japan what it is The autobiography Fukuzawa follows this philosopher through the childhood of feudal Japan to Admiral Perry s arrival to the shores of Fukuzawa s home country to his exploited abroad when it was illegal for any Japanese person to travel abroad Yukichi Fukuzawa is one of the interesting historical world figures of the 19th century A must read even if you are not interested in the subjects of Japan or its history