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  • Paperback
  • 214
  • Racing Hearts
  • Rae Monet
  • en
  • 15 March 2020
  • 9781595781093

CHARACTERS Racing Hearts

SUMMARY ¶ Racing Hearts Rae Monet ´ 1 SUMMARY The Company Lovely Cosmetics Margaret Kingsdale is a shrewd respected businesswoman Unfortunately her company is losing market share Desperate times calls for drastic measures so Mrs Kingsdale has devised a plan that will rock the male dominated world of stock car racing The challenging uestion is who will drive The ultimate selection turned out to be painless Cassandra Jamison captures Mrs Kingsdale's notice W


Racing Hearts

SUMMARY ¶ Racing Hearts Rae Monet ´ 1 SUMMARY Ith beauty like Cassandra's she will sell cosmetics than her highest paid model and the stock car racing circuit is the perfect forum The second uestion is who will train her The admired stock car racing hero and legend Justin Steed swore after a near fatal stock car accident that he would never return to the track Nonetheless a lucrative offer and a failing family ranch convinces him to take the position train

Rae Monet ´ 1 SUMMARY

SUMMARY ¶ Racing Hearts Rae Monet ´ 1 SUMMARY Ing Cassandra What Justin didn't anticipate is the hot steamy desire he experiences when their two worlds collide Cassandra and Justin's undeniable attraction races from the sweltering streets of Tucson to the sultry nights of Daytona Unfortunately Margaret Kingsdale will stop at nothing to ensure the future of her business and with Justin as her professional weapon she plays a deadly game with Cassandra's life Transforming Students game with Cassandra's life

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