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review Unique by Alison Allen-Gray Alison Allen-Gray ↠ 0 Read Download Ñ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ↠ Alison Allen-Gray R father had Dominic's dead brother cloned and Dominic is the resultHow can he live with this mind blowing discovery If the truth is ever made public it could put people's lives in danger including his o I think the first time I d heard of this book was when I was uite young secondary school age for sure I remember seeing a friend of mine with this book in her hand and she had told me that it was pretty good and I believed her because why wouldn t I I was a young child who devoured books like there was no tomorrow and I was always on the look out for my next read So I kept it in mind for years eventually buying it and then reading it years later when I was definitely past being the target audience and age group for this bookAlthough it did help me surpass my reading goal from last year so there s thatIt s not a terrible book I ll give you that As an undergraduate student I was heavily invested in the TV show Orphan Black and still do think it s one of the best TV shows of the 2010s This book rekindled a love of that TV show in me again reminding me that I ve always loved the concept of cloning and genetics Uniue is the story of a young boy Dominic who finds out through his ailing grandfather that he had an older brother who died years before he was born Dominic s parents very wealthy individuals are trying to push Dominic into entering the scientific field hoping for their son to achieve success there but he is interested in painting and being an artist causing them immense disappointment And when he finds out that he had an older brother who was very intelligent and invested in the medical field he suddenly realizes why But it all goes a step further when Dominic finds out that he s not actually a younger sibling but a clone of a boy who died in an unfortunate accident and the product of an experiment to see if greatness could be replicatedIs the story somewhat predictable Completely It s a great read for young adults who have a budding interest in biologyBut does it raise amazing uestions Absolutely The whole point of the story is that Dominic is his own person a boy with his own ambitions and dreams and nothing like his older brother the person he was cloned from Dominic wants to break away from the wishes his parents have for him wants to build his own life independently of the shadow of his genetic parent but can t because his parents have placed a burden of expectations on him that he doesn t deserve And this book perfectly highlights what everyone gets wrong about cloning The logic behind cloning is easy enough if you take something and duplicate it it ll be the same But people fail to realize that that only means on a genetic level and not on any other level While there will be some common traits of course such as physical appearances there are also a lot of factors that come into the people we grow up to become which have nothing to do with genetics and all about how we re raised the Nature versus Nurture argument And this book is the perfect fictional example of that Dominic cloned and made into the spitting genetic image of his brother grows up with a father who places a lot of emotional pressure on him a mother who is heartbroken over the loss of her son and a grandfather who is trying to bury it all within his mind and all of this causes him to become a completely different person one who inevitably becomes a disappointment So what did I ultimately think of this book As a book it gets a 35 from me But as a concept and as a way of working with the uestion of cloning it definitely gets a 55 especially considering its target audience

review Unique by Alison Allen-GrayUnique by Alison Allen-Gray

review Unique by Alison Allen-Gray Alison Allen-Gray ↠ 0 Read Download Ñ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ↠ Alison Allen-Gray Nt academic and scientist Dominic prefers to 'waste' his time painting His father cannot forgive him for itDominic decides to try to find out about his brother but he discovers than he bargained for Thei Really amazing I loved the point of view with which the author analyzed that complex subject and even if I loved Imogen s character I think it s the only way it could have ended and it was perfectly fine by me I loved the story and every character as well Well done Alison AG

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review Unique by Alison Allen-Gray Alison Allen-Gray ↠ 0 Read Download Ñ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ↠ Alison Allen-Gray Dominic has always been a disappointment to his ambitious father but he has never understood why Then he discovers that he had an older brother who died before he was born Where his brother was a brillia Dominic Gorden s life suddenly takes a shocking turn Whilst Painting at his Grandad s house he discovers an old family photo album with pictures of him inside Thats what he thinks until he turns the last page and finds himself 5 years older than he acctually is Then the word Brother flickers across his mind And his life is changed forever A few days later he is on a train heading to Cambridge Univercity where he has found out it is where his brother studied and died There he meets his brother s best friend Giles and his wife Becky who was once his brother also called Domonic s girlfriend Unable to come to terms with himself he meets his brothers Tutor Professer Holt She is the worlds greatest scientist and so was his brother Imogen Professer Holt lets him come back to her house with her and her husband and lets him selep there the night Later on as Dominic gets up to get a glass of water he overhears them talking Why did your baby have to turn up now That solved it Imogen was his real Mum It did make sense she had been on holiday with his parents just before Dominic was born With a desperate surge he called Giles and he met him at Cambridge Uni But then Imogen turns up and when Dom uestions her about the baby the real truth comes out His Mum and Dad could not come to terms with their perfect son s death They had employed Imogen to clone the dead Dominic to make the Dominic that lives today Basiccly he is living inside his brothers dead body He was only made to keep the memorys of the long dead Nick his brothers nick name alive Imogen knows that if this comes out in the press she will be executed Felling lost and emotionless Dom plans to go up to Scotland with Giles and Becky Suddenly out of the blue his evil father turns up and tells him he s taking him to Australia In one last frantic surge he runs away again up to Scotland to meet Giles and Becky who only want whats best for him After a couple of weeks living with Baecky and Giles Dom gets a mysterious call from Imogen telling him that he is in danger and he needs to meet her urgently As Dom heads out to find her he is cornered by a journalist who knew his brother Nick and has suspected something fishey As Dom trys to hide on a cliff ledge the reporter follows him and threatens to tell the newspaper about this As Dom thinks he is defeated Imogen turns up and snatches the journalist s phone away from her They have a shouting row and at the end of it as they are on the ledge of a mountain they accidently thow themselves to their death Dom feels so guilty that he thinks he ought to let the police know the hole story As the last lines of the book read My experiences are all Uniue and Unrepeatable Like cloud shadows on mountains or flames in a fire