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  • Hardcover
  • 464
  • This Bright River
  • Patrick Somerville
  • English
  • 24 June 2018
  • 9780316129312

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Patrick Somerville ã 4 Download This Bright River Read È 4 From a world that has only brought her heartacheAs Lauren cautiously expands her horizons and Ben tries to unravel the mysteries of his family and himself their paths intersect Could each be exactly what the other need There are very few books which I do not finish but this one was close I struggled to get thru it Found it rambling and confusing and boring The author could have cut it by 200 pages and maybe then it would have been bearable I hate to give bad reviews because I appreciate the time and energy the author spent writing the book but I can t find anything good to say about it

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This Bright River

Patrick Somerville ã 4 Download This Bright River Read È 4 S death a decade earlierLauren Sheehan abandoned her career in medicine after a series of violent events abroad Now she's back in the safest place she knows the same small Wisconsin town where she and Ben grew up hiding I was inclined to love this book as The Cradle was the best book I read the year it came out very moving beautifully and powerfully written So my expectations were high and they were met Gorgeous writing terrific right on dialogue I am tempted to say that this is Somerville s In the Lake of the Woods by Tim O Brien or Sherman Alexie s Indian Killer a book that takes him to a much much darker and crazier place than ever before though it is maybe not as ultimately dark as Lake It IS still about darkness of the human spirit of madness of the uestion of evil in the world and the possibility that goodness may still survive in spite of it all Again as with The Cradle family matters Ben the main guy is a good person though clearly lost in so many ways Likeable though so than Lauren who he coincidentally meets in a return to his home town of St Helen s Helenville maybe WI She is even shattered than he is and it is compelling and scary to read both of their stories There is a single crazy event that happens late in the book the climactic event of the book and it is both surprising and carefully done There are other somewhat disturbing passages as we get a chapter in the voice of Will Lauren s ex Scary disturbing No darker character There are other sort of tour de force passages such as the mushroom and drunken stoned solilouy of Ben s cousin Wayne I like these parts of the book as a writer he takes risksAnother reason I might have been inclined to like this book is that I know the places he writes about I live in Chicago I lived in Madison I have worked in areas between Milwaukee and Madison I read John Muir when I as there as Ben does I know the area of the UP he is talking about This is fiction of place that appeals to me I feel too that I know Ben have been to those places he has been been lost as he was and still may be he feels familiar to me I care deeply about him and Denny and even Lauren and Ben s sister Haley and this small town I feel like I know well Wonderful wonderful book Takes risks at approaching madness and darkness few writers would take and he pulls it off Should be considered for all sorts of awards this year for sure The power of art to heal us Somerville does this through his book but also Ben reads Muir philosophy other things in his process of coming out of his malaise his despair his lostness And it is not clear he is necessarily out of his hole finally which I also like

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Patrick Somerville ã 4 Download This Bright River Read È 4 Ben Hanson's aimless life has bottomed out after a series of bad decisions but a surprising offer from his father draws him home to Wisconsin There he finds his family fractured still reeling from his cousin's mysteriou I m not totally sure this sounds like my kind of book but holy crap check out this crazy story The book was given a pretty damning review in the Times but it became immediately apparent that the critic had misread an early scene and therefore wrongly interpreted the entire plot Another person from the Times then reached out to the author to verify this mistake via a fake email address set up for one of the book s characters They all the Times person the author and the character worked together to craft the best possible correction redaction to the erroneous review And Patrick winds up writing the preposterously gracious and reasonable article in Slate that I linked above Super super crazy