The Wolf Fey (KINDLE)

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  • The Wolf Fey
  • Kailin Gow
  • English
  • 11 July 2019
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The Wolf Fey Read & Download ´ 109 Frost #3 about the Wolf Fey this Frost novelette is Logan’s open and raw sto A Grammar check app or a better proofreader would be nice There are places where I was used when it should have been me Other than the fact 36 pages could have been written on paper napkins the story although a little weak will probably strengthen in the next book Hopefully the wolf Prince has something exciting to do instead of taking the whole book and its readers into the depths of despair about Breena I hope her character gets stronger I hate wimpy females

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The Wolf Fey Read & Download ´ 109 Shifter Fairies fairies who can shift into wolf shapeIntroduced in Silver Frost Logan is my favorite in the Frost Series because he s sweet so handsome and masculine I think he can have a chance with Breena I love reading from Logan s view He sees Breena as beautiful even when she doesn t believe it He s loyal to her and to the Wolf fey I love him and want to read

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The Wolf Fey Read & Download ´ 109 Ry before Bitter Frost Frost #1 and a hint of his destiny Will it be with Breen I liked this story It took me a little bit to stay involved in it but overall I enjoyed the read What I didn t like was finding out afterwards that it is part of a larger series 9 BOOKS IN THE SERIES I am sorry but I do not like long series After about the 3rd or 4th book most of the time you either are begging for it to end or you just uit reading them altogether So with that being said IF you don t mind needing to read about 9 books then this is a good read IF you don t want to have to read all the other books pass this one up

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